Is Phillip Schofield’s Lover Revealed? English television presenter Phillip Schofield rose to fame and success after working as Children’s BBC continuity presenter and worked there from 1985 to 1987. Later, he got several hosting television gigs from BBC and ITV. This wide range of programs includes This Morning, Going Live!, and The Cube.

The popular television host has recently been making headlines after he got involved in an alleged affair scandal! This controversy has surely cost Schofield, as ITV has already replaced him as the host of the British Soap Awards. This happened after he departed from ITV.

Kerry Katona has recently come forward and called This Morning fake and phony. Katona went on to say that even now, when she goes back to ITV, which is not very often, she feels like there is a sense of snobbery, and she gets looked down on like she is not good enough. Let us find out whether Phillip Schofield’s Lover is revealed or not. 

Is Phillip Schofield’s Lover Revealed? 

It seems like Phillip Schofield’s lover has been revealed! Several new pictures of Phillip Schofield with his old love have resurfaced, and this comes right after the television star admitted to having an affair while he was married to his wife of 30 years. Phillip Schofield has further stated that to protect his ex-colleague, he was not truthful about the relationship earlier. He further added that his recent unrelated departure from This Morning had fuelled some speculation and raised questions that have been impacting his former colleague, so he Phillip is being honest now.

Phillip Schofield’s Lover Revealed
Is Phillip Schofield’s Lover Revealed? (Credits: Huffpost)

Schofield reportedly managed to keep their relationship hidden with co-star Holly and ITV. Co-star Holly had explained that when reports of this relationship first surfaced, she did ask Phil directly whether these rumors were true and admitted rush she was told that they were not true. Holly admitted that it had been very hurtful to now find out that this was a lie.

ITV has also released a statement explaining that they had investigated Philip over the allegations back in 2020 and revealed that they had denied any rumors of the affair. The newest statement also states that Schofield lied to people at ITV, along with the senior management and fellow presenters. It has been reported that the channel is further conducting an independent review that came from a few former contributors and guests as they claimed that there was a toxic environment on This Morning.

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Phillip Schofield Makes A Shocking Revelation!

The television star has revealed that he did have an affair with a younger male who was also working in This Morning. However, after much digging, it was revealed that the mystery eventually left his job there and took up a new job at a pub.

When the affair came out in public, Phillip issued an apology statement as he expressed remorse for lying to his family, friends, and lawyers about the secret fling but also made it clear that the former colleague was never moved on or sacked because of him.

Who was Phillip Schofield Dating? is not known who this mystery man is, and it was reported that the television host maintained a secret relationship with an ITV production assistant as he managed to keep it hidden from his wife, Steph, Holly, and even from ITV bosses for years. 

Phillip Schofield’s Lover Revealed
Phillip Schofield (Credits: Mirror)

Schofield explained that he did have an affair but described it as something that was a consensual on-off relationship with a younger male colleague. Phillip revealed that he had met this mystery man when he was a teenager and was looking forward to getting into television.

Phillip Schofield added that It was only after he started to work on the show that it eventually bloomed into something more than just a friendship. Philip added that the relationship was unwise but pointed out that it was not illegal and that it is over now. Now that the affair is out in the open, it reportedly made ITV bosses angry and stunned. 

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