Is Phil Perkins Joining Somewhere After Leaving CHCH His Net Worth And Family

Yes, Phil Perkins is now all set to join CP24 as an anchor and reporter after leaving CHCH.

Phil Perkins is a co-anchor on the Evening News at 6 & 11, where he reports on breaking news from the Greater Hamilton-Toronto Area, the Niagara Region, and all over the world.

Phil has been with CHCH since July 2012, when he started covering big news like the Tim Bosma murder case, the Lincoln Alexander monument, the teachers’ strike in Ontario, and the Tiger-Cats’ run to the Grey Cup, to name a few.

Phil got his degree from the Toronto College of Sports Media. He worked as an intern for different websites, radio stations, and TV stations in his home city of Toronto.

Phil also got his Bachelor of Science with Honors from York University, where he studied kinesiology and athletic therapy and was part of the varsity football squad.

So, we can see that Phil is always doing something and when he is not reporting, we can guess that he is at his gym or playing soccer, or reading.

However, Phil is a respected figure in the Canadian news industry. He is widely recognized for his professional standards, dedication to his job, and extensive knowledge of the groups he covered.

He is a representative that people in Ontario trust, and he was a big part of making CHCH become one of the most vital information and news sources in the area.

Now that he has declared to quit his news station people are wondering where Phil Perkins is joining next.

Where Is Phil Going?

The TV personality is leaving CHCH Television, which is a part of TV Channel Zero, after almost ten years working there. Therefore, his last show will be on March 15, 2023.

In a tweet, he said that he would leave the show for good. He will be leaving CHCH after almost 11 years and he will never forget getting the call from Morning Live to work the overnight shift while he was working at two bars.

He also wrote that CHCH took a chance on a sports journalist, and it paid off but he has always got something to learn which he really appreciated. It seems that he is going to miss his workplace a lot as he loves his squad which could really be its own show.

So, now he is ready to face new challenges, work with new people, and look forward to doing something better than he did the last 11 years.

Because of this, a lot of his fans nowadays are curious about where Phil is going. Well, the anchor now works as a reporter and anchor for CP24.

He is ready and excited to join the new and amazing team, and he told his Twitter followers about it.

Perkins is starting a new phase in his career, so we wish him the best of luck with everything he does in the future.

Phil Perkins’s Net Worth

Phil Perkins has a lot of money because he has been in the broadcasting business for a long time. Even though we do not know how much he has made in his career or how much is his net worth, we just know that the average basic pay for news anchors is $65,156.

Since Phil has worked hard and has been in journalism for a long time, we can assume that his salary will be in the same range.

Well, may he live a great life with his family and friends.

Phil Perkins’s Personal Life

The way he has had a very successful professional life, and in the same way, he has had a very happy personal life with his wife, Alanna Perkins, for a long time and they are very happy. The cute couple has been together for a long time, and they help each other in many different ways that are very important to stay happy as a couple.

Furthermore, the two are also loving and caring parents to a baby boy. Phil and his partner, Alanna, had their first child, a boy named Rhys Jesse Son Perkins, on October 5, 2020.

They have been raising their son Rhys together with love, support, and care for him no matter what.

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