Is Olivia Newton John’s Husband Missing Matt Lattanzi Dead Or Alive Update

According to some social media, Matt Lattanzi has passed away and was the ex-husband of Olivia Newton-Johns, though there is no trusted evidence behind this. Today I’m in a generous mood. That’s why I will give you the details regarding Lattanzi’s missing reason and more from the famous Australian singer Olivia Newton-John.

Despite the rumors, Olivia has not disclosed anything about the speculation surrounding her ex-husband’s dead or alive. However, she has been open about her struggles with grief and loss and how these experiences have shaped her life and career.

Lattanzi married Newton-John in 1984 when Lattanzi was 11 years younger than the singer; they first met on the sets of Xanadu when he was 21 and Olivia was 32. They started dating for four years before getting married in 1984, and it was Olivia Newton John’s first marriage. Like you and me, they also tied the knot with many expectations.

However, there was a bitter end; while the singer was fighting breast cancer, Matt Lattanzi ran off with the couple’s young babysitter, Cindy Jessup. Olivia’s first marriage ended in heartbreak. Therefore the Aussie legend divorced him in 1995, and Matt Lattanzi married his young lover Cindy Jessup.

The public is curious about Olivia’s husband’s missing news, leading some to speculate about his whereabouts. You need to know regarding resorts to the contrary that John Easterling is not missing more. It’s crucial to make it clear to you all. However, the news about Lattanzi’s missing issue is still under consideration, whether he is dead or alive. After getting reliable information about this topic, we will provide you with that.

Despite Matt Lattanzi, Olivia Newton-John’s Another Former Husband, Patrick McDermott’s Missing History

Olivia Newton-John’s former husband, Patrick McDermott, disappeared while on a fishing trip off the coast of California in 2005. McDermott was a photographer and cameraman who was missing and presumed by many as dead, but his body was never found. Despite a vigilant search effort, the case remained untold and unsolved, and rumors about his disappearance continued circulating.

In April 2010, a private investigator said that Patrick McDermott was alive and had faked his death for a life insurance payout; here, an American television program hired the investigator. McDermott is living in Mexico after changing his original name. However, the victim and investigator were confident enough, so there is no substantial proof of why McDermott disappeared because he did not deliver any open statement.

Newton-John met the cameraman Patrick McDermott a year after her 1995 divorce from Matt Lattanzi. The couple dated themselves on and off for nine years. However, it has been the hyped topic and public interest as many are hopeful that McDermott will finally be found as original and reunited with his loved ones.

  • About Olivia Newton-John, At Glance

Dame Olivia Newton-John, professionally known as Olivia Newton-John, was a British and Australian lady born on 26 September 1948. Olivia was a famous actress who collected many accolades from audiences for decades with her decent performance. She was an iconic songwriter, Australian singer, and actress also.

She was a decent lady with a four-time Grammy Award winner whose music career included five number-one singles on the Billboard Hot 100, 15 top ten dollars, and two numbers albums on the Billboard 200: If You Love Me and Let me Know. Eleven of her singles and 14 albums have been certified by the Recording Industry Association Of America.

Have a look at some famous works of Olivia:

  • I Honestly You
  • Please Mr. Please
  • Have You Never Been Mellow
  • Something Better to Do
  • Let It Shine; He Ain’t Heavy; He’s My Brother
  • Dont Stop Believin
  • Come on Over

However, her personal life has been marred by tragedies, including her former boyfriend’s disappearance and her ex-husband’s death. Reports have surfaced regarding the missing boyfriend and rumors surrounding her former husband’s death recently.

Despite her fame, her personal life has been marred by tragedies like rumors surrounding her former husband’s death recently and her former boyfriend’s disappearance. Matt Lattanzi’s, her ex-husband, and Patrick McDermott’s, her ex-boyfriend’s stories illustrate the difficulties and misfortunes that can occur even the most lauded and successful people.

Olivia Newton-John And John Easterling’s Relationship

In early 1990, Olivia Newton-John and John Easterling first met when John engaged as an Entrepreneur and businessman in herbal medicine. John had established a successful business near the Amazon rainforest selling medicinal herbs and supplements. Therefore Olivia Newton-John was instantly attracted to his passion for his commitment to environmental causes and holistic medicine.

After that, the two quickly build a deep love; when people are in a deep connection, it always seems that marriage will only strengthen the relationship. In 2008, Olivia and John were married in a private ceremony in Peru, and they also took a vow like, ‘Till death do us part.’ It is the most beautiful vow exchanged at the altar between two people who decide to spend the rest of their lives together.

The relationship between John and Olivia is one of true devotion and commitment. Only some close friends and family were there in their wedding ceremony, and before them, they shared their valuable commitment to being together enough. And here it is proved that time is the best healer. Though Olivia was still in the pain of her recent divorce as Lattanzi ran off with their babysitter, Cindy Jessup, she overcame that situation and became close to John Easterling.

Final Words

This article fulfills your concerns about Olivia’s husband’s missing issues; we hope so. Whenever we get enough information, we will update you as soon as possible. Till then, stay with us to grab such hot news.

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