Is Jeff Miers Quitting Buffalo News?

Yes, Jeff Mier is quitting his job at Buffalo News.

Jeff Miers has been working for The News as a columnist and music critic since the year 2002. He is in charge of Gusto Vinyl Happy Hour, the popular monthly live music and debate series that the paper hosts.

Recently, he left the alternative band that he had been a member of for almost 10 years. Pickup shows with many independent Buffalo bands and artists did not contribute to the band’s financial stability.

So, because of this, they were talking about the possibility of leaving Buffalo and beginning their lives anew in New York City shifting from being of the “Someday, maybe” to looking for a place to stay.

After that, he received a call on his phone. Sullivan proposed that they should come together for a conversation soon and his life was changed forever by that meeting.

Twenty-one years and a few months after the first time they met, he is currently writing his farewell column for The Buffalo News while he is at the recording studio/office that is in the underground of his home.

Is Jeff Miers Going Somewhere After Quitting Buffalo News?

Yes, that is correct. The fact that there is still a lot of material left to write about Buffalo’s music and arts scenes which he is leaving behind, but never intended for that project to be left unfinished which he dislikes a lot.

In 2001, when Jeff received a call from Margaret Sullivan, the editor of The Buffalo News at the time, he was on the point of giving up hope of landing what he had long referred to as “the one job in Buffalo he’s completely qualified for.”

At the time, he was the editor of two alternative newsweeklies, in addition to having recently launched a stunning monthly music magazine. Moreover, he had been writing about music for this website for about 10 years.

In addition to his years of practical expertise, he also had big and idealistic goals. However, he didn’t have anything else to his name.

Through the years, he continued to send The News portfolios containing his columns, reviews, and feature stories; but, he became used to not receiving any responses. By the year 2000, it did not seem that things would improve for the alternative newsweekly.

On the other hand, there are times when the universe makes the choice for them.

Is He Going Somewhere?

On the other hand, as Jeff Miers prepares to leave a career that he has loved with his full heart, he is feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

He is thankful to the musicians, independent promoters, venue owners, and fans who have largely contributed to their very dynamic but tragically underestimated music scene. A good number of the fans and promoters who helped him and supported him are people he considers to be his good friends.

In any event, Miers feels happy whenever his work contributes to the beginning of a dialogue about music in the local community. He dislikes having to write critical reviews.

Miers has found that being both a musician and a music reviewer is good for both jobs.

His involvement in music gives him a base of information that lets him analyze the performances of others, even though he thinks other people should be the ones to judge his skills.

He thinks that if you criticize or praise someone, you should know what you are talking about.

Miers has also found that writing, making up music, and making up music on the spot are all similar. Writing on a short schedule is like improvising on stage in that you just have to try it.

When asked how he plays and writes about music at the same time, Miers said that he stays out of the spotlight and spends most of his time on outreach and teaching instead of making money.

Early Life Of Jeff Miers

Jeff Miers was given the 2014 President’s Award by the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame for his work in all parts of the Buffalo music scene.

Most people know Miers as The Buffalo News’ rock reviewer. Since 2002, he has been writing about popular music for The Buffalo News.

This makes him the second-longest-serving reviewer for a daily newspaper, after Dale Anderson, who worked there during the 1970s and 1980s (BMHOF, 2003).

But among The News’ music reviewers, Miers is the one with the most amazing live music experience. He has also helped with schooling projects in his area.

Jeff Miers is from the Berkshires in Massachusetts. In 1990, he moved from Saratoga to Buffalo.

He had just graduated from the State University of New York at Fredonia with a degree in English and a minor in music. While he was at Fredonia, he met Nelson Starr who became his friend.

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