Is It Possible That Swagkage Has Unveiled His Face? Name, Age, Parents

Swagkage has never unveiled his face though many of his subscribers have probably wondered what he looks like for the past five years.

Swagkage is a renowned YouTuber who makes videos on many anime series, most especially Naruto and the Winged Serpent Ball.

He has almost 1.16 million subscribers since beginning his channel on October 14, 2014. He has almost 304 million genuine views.

His second channel, Roobindale, has more than 57.4K subscribers. The popular video game and anime Yu-Gi-Gracious is the main emphasis of this channel!

All the information you need to know about Swagkage’s unveiling of his face is here. As such, let us dig deeper into the topic of Swagkage here and find out what we can about his personal information too.

The Real Name of Swagkage

Swagkage, whose real name is Rob, was born in the United States on April 29, 1998. This makes him a Taurus. Even after all these years, he still likes to keep his private life quiet. He has never talked about his family or friends.

 He didn’t even say his real name in any of his posts or videos until he was streaming with “Alissa,” and she told him as a joke when she called him “Rob” twice. Swagkage hasn’t shown his face yet, so we still don’t know who he really is.

No one knows where Swagkage is because they have been quiet about it so far. We were able to find his real name by looking at tv guide.

You may be curious about Swagkage’s age, or you may have made a guess about it. However, let’s see how far you think your prediction can go.

Age of Swagkage

Well, as of 2023, Swagkage is 24 years old. He was born on April 29, 1998.

Family of Swagkage

One thing that all famous people have in common is that they keep their families out of the spotlight. And now that you know about Swagkage’s recent news, you may be wondering about his family.

Swagkage keeps his personal life very private. He hasn’t even talked about his family on any of his live streams or social media profiles. But he doesn’t hide the fact that he has a girlfriend!

Swagkage Twitter

Swagkage is well known in the world of the internet. Do you want to know Swagkage’s Twitter handle? Swagkage goes by the username @Swagkage. Plus, neither streams nor social media have revealed his full name. And Swagkage has gotten a good number of people to follow them on Twitter. And we can tell from his bio that he likes Naruto. Swagkage’s Twitter page now has a few new threads and pictures.

Has Swagkage Shown His Face?

Swagkage has never talked about how he looks on any of his social media sites, and he hasn’t even put up an avatar of himself smiling. Swagkage chose to hide his identity because he was more well-known. Swagkage’s fans have asked for a petition to see his face a lot.

However, Swagkage makes somewhere around $450,000 a year.

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