The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the ideal entertainment package to draw cricket fans for two months and keep them watching the entire game but people think the 2023 season is fixed and scripted

Additionally, a lot of individuals think that IPL games have already been pre-written and manipulated. That’s what, then?

IPL has consistently been a target of criti while being one of the most well-known competitions in the globe. IPL has frequently been referred to as the world’s most dishonest and rigged league by multiple people in various regions of the globe.

Is IPL 2023 already predetermined and fixed and are matches scripted

Can the IPL be fixed?

Are all IPL games predetermined? Fixing has always interfered with the game, so this is not new. Match-fixing is still recognised as one of the most serious crimes in sports for these and other reasons, and whoever commits it will always face punishment regardless of the situation.

Although there have been rumours and suspicions that some IPL games have been rigged, there is no hard evidence to back up these assertions. To stop match-fixing and corruption, the IPL and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), which regulates the league, have severe restrictions in place. Additionally, they have a strong system in place to look into and punish any teams or individuals found to be engaged in such actions.

Fixing is a game that, in many ways, preys on the sentiments of cricket fans and disparages the sport of cricket. There have been numerous suspicions of rigging throughout the Indian Premier League (IPL), the largest T20 league in the world. Many people have trouble understanding why IPL is what it is now because they believe it to be a set system.

If the IPL is rigging matches, why is it not banned?

The existence of match-fixing has not been firmly established. In actuality, none of the aforementioned signs had anything to do with rigging in IPL and might simply be viewed by anyone as a coincidence. The Indian Premier League is the sixth-largest league in the world and a billion-dollar company in India. The league provides the government with significant tax money.


In conclusion, there is no evidence to imply that the IPL is a rigged or scripted competition, even if it is always possible that there may be rare incidences of corruption in any sports league. The teams and players in this genuine and fiercely competitive competition strive to prevail in each and every game.



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