Is Eun Yang Going Anywhere After Leaving NBC4? Her Career Earnings And Salary

No, she is not leaving NBC4. It is just that her timing has been changed from the morning shift to the evening shift.

Eun Yang is a well-known news anchor in America and of Korean origin. She is popular for her work at NBC. She was hired by News4 as a general assignment reporter and was responsible for covering breaking news for News4 at 11 broadcasts.

Since the year 2010, she has been the first to inform viewers in the Washington area about breaking overnight news, severe weather, and essential stories from Washington.

Yang has been able to receive a number of honors, including a number of Emmy awards, as a result of the incredible work that she has done in this industry.

During the year 2000, Yang amassed a tremendous amount of wealth and acquired a vast quantity of experience.

So, now let’s find out where she is going after leaving NBC4 as we all have been curious to know this.

Is Eun Yang Going Anywhere After Leaving NBC4?

After quitting her position at NBC4, Eun Yang has already discussed her plans for the future in a public statement. She stated that her schedule had been changed for delivering the news at News4 Today.

Eun mentioned that her work schedule had been rearranged, and she was working the morning shift at the time. Her new schedule will run from four to six o’clock in the evening, and it will not formally begin until April 2023.

In the video statement, Yang also expressed gratitude to all of her coworkers, crew members, and the individual who was operating the camera. In addition to that, she conveyed a heartfelt message to the audience.

Also, Yang mentioned that she was going to take a vacation for a week, and after that, we will see her working a different shift. She has an Instagram account named “eunyangdc, “where you can watch her and learn about her life.

Her vacation has already begun, and if you follow her on social media, you will be able to see her enjoying her vacation and will always get updated news.

Her Salary And Career

As a news anchor, Eun Yang brings in a significant amount of income for herself and her family. It has been stated that the average annual salary for a person working in the field of news anchoring is $65,146 or it could also be somewhere between $52,252 and $85,929 as well.

As Yang has been employed at the N.B.C. for a long time, it is probable that she has earned an amount of salary that is higher than the standard rate of her work there.

At first, she worked for Maryland Update as a reporter. After that, Eun worked for National Geographic Today as a correspondent. So, Eun has gained a lot of experience and has also kept a lot of money.

But her actual net worth isn’t known yet because none of the trusted sources have talked about how much she makes.

Yang’s Personal Life

Eun Yang is married and happy with her husband, whose name is Robert Kang. It is known that he is the center of her life. Since they got married in 2001, they have been living together as a husband and wife.

Apart from this, they did not share more information on social sites but we have also known that they have started a family together and are living in the Washington Metro area with their 3 children.

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