Is Ben Savage Related To Fred Savage? Families, Career Summary & Net Worth

You may know Bennett Joseph Savage from the Disney show “Boy Meets World” which is a hit TV sitcom that started in 1993 and went on till 2000. It also had a spinoff show, “ Girl Meets World.” He also took chances in political fields, so you may know him from there too. But do you know if he’s related to Fred Savage or not? Well, for starters, their surnames are the same, but you’ll get a more reliable answer in this article ahead. I’m also going to give you information about their career and family so that you get a clear idea about these two actors.

Yes, Fred Savage and Ben Savage are brothers and Ben Savage is the younger brother.

Ben’s elder brother Fred Savage is an American actor and director who’s mostly known for his role as Kevin Arnold in the television series “The Wonder Years”. The full name of this adept director and actor is Fredrick Aaron Savage. He was born on July 9, 1976. Ben Savage made his film debut in Fred’s “Little Monster”. Ben was only 9 years old then. They both made their place in the acting industry and were successful actors.

Career Summary of Ben Savage:

After making a film debut in his elder brother’s film, Ben didn’t look back. He started working at a very little age and made an appearance in the film “Big Girls Don’t Cry….They Get Even” which was released in 1992, and he played the character of a 10-year-old. He also made an appearance in his elder brother’s show “The Wonder Years”.

Ben received critical acknowledgment for his role in Wild Palms (1993), where he played the role of an anger-faced boy with the soul of a murderer. Later Savage received another critical recognition for playing the role of Roddy Stern in Israel Horovitz’s play “Unexpected.”

Ben also starred in the film “Swimming Upstream” in 2002. This actor then took a break of three years from acting. Then made a comeback with a guest appearance in the show “Still Standing”. He starred in an independent film “Palo Alto,” & this film first premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in the year 2007.

In the next year, 2008, he appeared in the Fox Series “Bones” and also starred in the famous Disney show “Shake It Up”. He then signed for the spin-off show of “Boy Meets World”. This spin-off show was named  “Girl Meets World,” and it started in 2014; the last episode of this show was aired in 2017. In 2022, he starred in the film “Girl In The Shed”.

He took a chance in the political field in August 2022 when he qualified as a candidate for the West Hollywood City Council. Unfortunately, he was not elected for one of the three at-large positions.

Career Summary of Fred Savage:

Besides playing the role of Kevin Arnold in The Wonder Years, Fred also played some vital characters in his career. He got award nominations like the People’s Choice Awards and Young Artist awards. He played the role of the Grandson in “The Princess Bride ” after which he started shining in his career as an actor. He voiced the title protagonist in Oswald, and he got a lot of fame after these works.

Fred started his screen performance with the television show “Morningstar/Eveningstar,” and he was also nine years old at that time. Along with starring in several shows and films, Savage lent his voice to several animated projects. He lent his voice to the well-known show “ Family Guy ”. He played the role of a serial rapist in “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” in 2003. In the year 2017, He started working on the Netflix Series “Friends from College”.

Fred received multiple award nominations for his celebrated character Kevin Arnold. He received two Golden Globe nominations and two Emmy nominations for this role. He was the youngest actor to receive this honor and he was 13 years old at that time. He played this role till 1993. During this time, he made appearances in several films like “ Vice Versa” and “Little Monsters.” He also made a guest appearance in his younger brother’s show “Boy Meets World”.

Fred started his directing career in 1999 and helmed episodes of over a dozen television series, and became well-known for his directing talents. He even observed production on the Disney Channel show “ Even Stevens” to be more expert in directing crafts. He was nominated for a Directors Guild award for the Phill episode “Not-So-Great Grandpa” in 2007.

Fred also co-produced “Phil Of The Future” which is a Disney Channel original series.

Family of Ben Savage & Fred Savage:

Ben and Fred’s parents were Joanne and Lewis. Lewis worked as an industrial real estate broker and consultant. Grandparents of the Savage brothers were Jewish immigrants from Poland, Ukraine, Germany, and Latvia. They also have a famous sister in the family, Kala Savage, who’s an actress and musician.

The love life of these brothers is also sorted. Ben is engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Tessa Angermeier, and Fred is married to Jennifer Lynn. Jennifer was Fred’s childhood friend, and they both have two children named Lily Savage and Oliver Savage.

Net Worth of Ben Savage & Fred Savage:

The net worth of Ben Savage is $8 million. He sold his house in West Hollywood for $1.6 million, which he purchased for $1.05 million. Ben is a graduate of Stanford University. He studied Political Science there. He’s talented in both the acting and political fields.

On the contrary, Fred Savage’s net worth is $30 million. This renowned director owns a two-bedroom condo in West Hollywood. He bought this condo for $500,000 in 2003. He also paid $.5 million for a mansion in L.A’s Bel Air neighborhood in 2019.

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