Is Angela Cullen Going For A New Job After Leaving Lewis Hamilton

Well, Angela Cullen did not yet disclose anything about going for a new job or why she is leaving. So, it is still unknown.

Angela Cullen is a physiotherapist who comes from New Zealand. She previously competed in the sport of hockey. She got a lot of attention when she worked with Lewis Hamilton, who has won seven Formula One world championships.

Cullen has done work for Hintsa Performance since 2015 and is connected to the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team.

Between the ages of 15 and 21, the Devonport native played hockey for New Zealand at an international level. She also worked for the New Zealand Academy of Sport and Sport New Zealand.

Cullen is in the news right now because she broke up with her close friend Lewis Hamilton. If you are also worried about why she broke up with him and why she got a new job, then stay with this article till the end.

What Happened to Angela Cullen?

On March 17, 2023, Angela Cullen, working for seven years with her close friend Lewis Hamilton, told him that they would no longer be working together. Cullen posted the news on Instagram and also put up a video about her leaving.

On the other hand, Hamilton also shared the news on Instagram, where he thanked Cullun for her time as his physiotherapist, assistant, and one of his most trusted friends in the paddock.

Angela also lived with Hamilton for seven years to the day. Hamilton says that Angela has made him a better player and person.

Furthermore, they both have tattoos of the word “loyalty” which shows how close they are. Hamilton said after Saturday’s qualifying session in Jeddah that he still sends his former helper daily text messages, even though he no longer works with him.

Is Angela Joining A New Job?

Angela Cullen’s work in Formula One is very busy and she does not get many breaks. She and Lewis Hamilton worked together for a long time, but she has said that they are no longer together.

From this, we can assume that she is taking a break and may be taking some time for herself. Lewis has already received a greeting from Cullen at the start of a new chapter, but neither she nor Lewis has received any information regarding Cullen’s future goals or job.

As we do not know if she is going to work with someone else or leave this field we can follow her on Instagram at @cullen angela, where she might share more about her life and the new journey she is about to start.

Cullen was one of the most discussed people in Formula 1 who did not race. She would be missed. Cullen and Lewis have to go their separate ways because Angela wants to start a new part of her life and end her always-on-the-go life.

Net Worth Of Angela Cullen

Angela Cullen has made a lot of money over the course of her long career. Therefore, sports have said that Cullen has a net worth of at least $15 million.

She has given many of her wins to his friend Lewis. So, we can say that Cullen might have won a lot of money.

However, Cullen was a big part of Hamilton’s recovery from the problems he had after Covid. Now that they are going to separate ways, we can assume that Cullen may be able to make money by doing other things.

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