Is Tomi Lahren Pregnant? Fans are currently curious about conservative political analysts’ current relationship and whether or not she is pregnant. As rumors about her pregnancy have been widely getting viral, let us know everything about her partner, relationships, and pregnancy here in this post. But before we begin, here’s a bit about Tomi Lahren’s personal and professional life.

Tomi Lahren, 30, was born in the year 1992 in South Dakota. Tomi graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science and started her career at the news channel, One America News Network, which offered her an exciting opportunity to host her own show. Soon, Tomi started getting viral for her excellent political commentaries, and soon she became one of the fan-loved hosts for making criticizing comments on liberal politics.

Tomi rose to popularity after she got hired by The Blaze, in which she used to post short video segments on American politics. However, after some days of her fame, Tomi got fired because of the comment that she made on the abortion rights of women in the USA. Currently, Tomi has been working for FOX News and Fox Business Network and has been hosting multiple shows such as Tomi Lahren Is Fearless and No Interruption.

Is Tomi Lahren Expecting a baby?

Just recently, Tomi Lahren has become a topic of discussion among fans for her pregnancy rumors, which seem to have come from her changed appearance. According to the fans, Tomi Lahren has gained some weight, and some also said that her baby bump was visible. However, neither Tomi nor her partner has acknowledged any such rumors. So is she really pregnant? No, she is not. But what led fans to be so sure of her pregnancy?

Tomi Lahren Pregnancy
American Commentator Tomi Lahren (Credit: Variety)

Apart from her baby bump and weight gain, Tomi was spotted with her current boyfriend on a dinner date. He and Tomi have been dating for such a long time now, and that is why even fans were expecting them to get married or have a baby. While on a date, fans noticed that her partner was drinking wine while she toasted with water, which was very unusual for the couple who were on the date.

Soon the media and the fans started speculating that Tomi was pregnant, and that is why she was avoiding alcohol. However, all the rumors about Tomi’s pregnancy are simply false because it is normal for a couple to avoid alcohol while on a date if they do not want to have it. Additionally, if there is any such good news about Tomi Lahren’s pregnancy, then let us wait for her and her partner to announce the same.

Talking about her weight gain, in the year 2019, Tomi was diagnosed with a disease called Anorexia. Lahren was going through a toxic relationship, which led to a worse break up, and because of this, she started eating too little and finally came to the stage where her habit became an eating disorder. Because of her unhealthy eating habit and extra physical-mental exertion, she became too skinny when she was merely 21 years old.

Surely, going through such trauma was difficult for her, but her health started developing when she found love again. Tomi’s eating habits became healthy, which led her to gain weight again. So, her weight gain is not because of her pregnancy but because of her healthy lifestyle, which we always wish for her to have. So, clearly, Tomi is currently hustling in her professional life and happily enjoying her personal life; if there is news about her marriage or pregnancy, fans should wait for official confirmation.

Tomi Lahren Husband
Tomi Lahren and her husband, J.P Arencibia (Credit: The Recent Times)

Who Is Tomi Lahren’s Current Partner?

In late 2018 and early 2019, Tomi Lahren was in a relationship with Brandon Fricke, a football player who currently works as an NFL advisor. In the month of January 2019, Brandon also confirmed that he proposed to Tomi, and they are soon going to get married. Brandon posted an Instagram story and wrote that it was safe to say NYC was a big success because she said yes. Tomi was flaunting her stunning ring while both of them happily posed to make their relationship public.

However, in the year 2020, Tomi and Brandon called off their engagement, which was confirmed by Tomi herself, saying that their relationship was not in the cards, but they are still best friends. After the devasting news, fans were curious if Tomi Lahren would date someone in the future or not, and soon, her name was linked with Major League Baseball player J.P. Arencibia.

Tomi and Arencibia began dating in the year 2021 and quickly got engaged. Their engagement was quite special because he proposed to her at her favorite place, on the set of her workplace, in the episode of Justice With Judge Jeanine. Only one month after their engagement, Tomi Lahren and J.P. Abrencibia tied the knot in the year 2021. As of now, Tomi and J.P. are happily spending their married life in Nashville and have no children.

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