Is Amber Millard The Wife Of Nathan Millard Family Details

Yes, Amber Millard is the wife of Nathan Millard.

Nathan Millard, who is a 42-year-old father, and husband from Covington, Georgia, went to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for a quick business trip and then went missing.

There is a Facebook group named “Find Nathan Millard” where his wife Amber Millard has written that she is broken down fully with the missing news of her husband and thinks that her worst dream came true.

The police have said if there is anyone who knows about Nathan should call Crime Stoppers at (225) 344-7867 or the Missing Persons Division at (225) 389-3853.

A notice for a missing person says that the Baton Rouge Police Department is trying to find a missing 42-year-old man and Nathan Millard was last seen in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on the night of February 22, 2023.

The poster said that Millard was last seen on video leaving the Courtyard Marriott on Third Street and Florida Avenue, wearing a green ball cap, a black shirt, and blue pants.

Nathan went to Happy’s Irish Pub on Third Street and Convention Street at about 11:30 p.m., and he is thought to walk from there to the hotel.

Fox News Digital says that Millard’s things were still in the hotel room, but his bed was so perfect that it did not seem like he slept in the bed.

Is Nathan’s Wife Amber Millard?

Amber Millard is the wife of Nathan Millard who has five children. Amber and Nathan have a 7-year-old daughter, two sons from Amber’s first marriage and two boys from his first marriage, and two adolescent boys.

As per the news, he works for Advanced Construction in Conyers, Georgia.

A woman wrote on Facebook, “This is horrible. Please think about them when you pray. Nathan Millard was her classmate in both middle school and high school.

Everyone knew him and liked him because he was a nice person in every way.

Amber Millard, has told WBRZ-TV that her husband was in Baton Rouge for work, even though he was only supposed to be there for 24 hours.

She told the news network that he went missing after going to a basketball game and then to a restaurant with a client. Many people like him, and they need him to come back home.

Family Details

Nathan’s parents, children, and wife are eagerly waiting for him to come back.

In Georgia, the father has two sons from a previous marriage as well as two step-teenage sons.

Amber says that the news of him going missing is like a nightmare to her.  He never went back to his hotel, and a search for the missing person is still going on. So, she along with his family is still praying for a miracle so that he can safely get back to them.

This statement proves without a doubt that he was a good person whom everyone liked and respected and his family and friends will miss him.

Nathan’s Case Details

Amber says Nathan Millard going missing is the worst dream ever to come true. Nathan and Amber have a 7-year-old daughter.

They have two step-teenage boys together, and the first one also has two sons from a previous marriage.

Unfortunately, Amber and Nathan did not know it would be their last conversation between them through FaceTimed.

A news source says that Nathan has texted his wife at last and told her that he and a client were working on a house in Baton Rouge and they were planning to watch a basketball game before going to a club later that night.

Nathan Millard has not been found since he went to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for business on February 22. Furthermore, fraud happened with his bank account as an unknown man used his debit cards. This is very suspicious and terrible to think is Nathan safe or not but still, his family members are praying to get him back.

However, his wife and children want to know more information about his disappearance if possible.

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