Want to know if Ali Vitali is pregnant? Yes, we are talking about the NBC News journalist who is King headlines for her relationship with Jeremy Diamond. That’s her long-time partner. Are they expecting a child together? What’s going on? Before getting into further discussion, let’s briefly discuss Ali Vitali’s prominence in the media industry.

Starting from the basics, Ali Vitali serves as the correspondent for NBC News. When it comes to her notable works, Ali has covered the 2016 and 2020 presidential contests from primary to inauguration. Besides this, she is also a great author. Last year, Ali Vitali published her writeup, Electable: Why America Hasn’t Put A Woman In The White House…Yet. Have you read it? 

In the initial days of her career, Ali Vitali worked at ABC. Her role was that of a production and development assistant. In 2012, she reportedly worked at Sweet Lemon Media as the managing editor. 

Coming back to Ali Vitali’s personal life, the journalist is related to the love of her life, Jeremy Diamond. That’s already mentioned earlier, though. This also calls for the discussion of their relationship status. Are they married? Also, who is Jeremy? What about their expecting rumors? Is it true? There must have been a lot of questions raised in your mind. If you are looking for whether Ali Vitali is pregnant, here is what we know. 

Is Ali Vitali Pregnant?
Ali Vitali: NBC News correspondent (CC: Business Insider)

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Ali Vitali Pregnant: How True Is That? 

Unfortunately, No! What does that mean? Ali Vitali isn’t pregnant as of May 2023. In other words, we may say that the NBC News journalist Ali Vitali isn’t expecting a baby with her partner, Jeremy Diamond. In recent days, have you ever spotted her with a baby bump? Even on social media, did you find her providing any hints of her pregnancy? The answer to both of these questions is No. 

We wonder why fans think Ali Vitali is pregnant with her first child. Well, there is a possibility. What? We mean the reason behind this speculation. Ali Vitali often speaks about supporting abortion. This convinced some of her fans to consider her pregnant at this moment. But that’s not true. 

Concerning Ali Vitali’s long-time partner, Jeremy Diamond is a professional political journalist. He is majorly known for his service as the White House correspondent at CNN. Well, Ali Vitali’s pregnancy news also calls for the discussion of their relationship. Right? 

Is Ali Vitali Pregnant?
Ali Vitali and her long-time partner, Jeremy Diamond (CC: Instagram)

It was in 2016 when Ali Vitali and Jeremy Diamond met while both were covering the president on the road during a Trump rally in Iowa. There was a quick spark between the two. Since then, Ali and Jeremy have been together. Moreover, they are inseparable. It’s been several years, but the two haven’t tied the knot yet. No! Neither have they shared any marriage plans. We wonder if it’s going to take place anytime soon. 

Not to forget to mention, Ali Vitali and Jeremy Diamond don’t share any children. So, the rumors of her pregnancy surprised each of her fans and followers. If the news of her first-time pregnancy were true, then Ali would have shared it on social media. If not that, she would have at least showcased her baby bump, dropping a hint. But Ali hasn’t done anything such. So, we can assume it to be a hoax. 

Best Wishes to Ali Vitali for the upcoming days of her life. You may give Ali a following on her Instagram account for more updates. Well, you may get disappointed after finding out that Ali Vitali isn’t pregnant. But, we are hopeful that she will soon tie the knot with her long-time boyfriend, Jeremy Diamond. What do you say? 

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