Irina Shayk's Dating History: Love Life, Boyfriend

Supermodels are loved by all. Everyone loves their graceful walks, bronzed looks, and elegance. Irina Shayk is one of the top supermodels that everybody loves. Her lifted bronzed looks have always managed to steal hearts.

But she hasn’t always stolen hearts from her fans. She is well-known for dating some of the most famous celebrities from all over the world. Starting from football legend Christiano Ronaldo to musician Kanye West.

Here is a glimpse of Irina Shayk’s Dating History.

Valerio MorabitoUnknown
Rob Bourdon2007-2009
Arthur SalesFebruary 2009-November 2009
Cristiano Ronaldo2010-2015
Bradley Cooper2015-2019
Vito Schnabel2020-Unknown
Kanye WestFew Months in 2021

1. Valerio Morabito

Shayk dated Valerio Morabito, an Italian businessman, at the beginning of her career. It has reportedly been said that the couple was so deeply in love that they even got engaged.

Sadly, the former lovebirds never got to exchange their vows as they decided to part ways.

Although the reason behind their breakup was never talked about in public, it has been speculated that Shayk and Morabito split due to Shayks flourishing career. Well, we hope Morabito did not feel inferior due to his male ego and decided to call it quits.

Shayk focused on her modeling career and look where it got her. She is one of the most renowned models in the world. Not just any other model – a supermodel.

2. Rob Bourdon

Rob Bourdon and Irina Shayk dated back in 2007. Who would expect the famed Linkin’ Park drummer and a supermodel to be together? Exactly, no one.

So, when rumors about Shayk and Bourdon began circulating, fans couldn’t stop gushing about them. And back then, there was no Instagram to make reels with their videos or pictures. But nonetheless, the pair managed to be fan-favorite.

The couple decided to part ways in 2009. They made no comments about their breakup but it is assumed that it was amicable.

3. Arthur Sales

Now, what would be cooler than two models dating each other? Arthur Sales, a Brazilian model, and our runway queen, Irina Shayk were quite a thing back in the day.

According to sources, they started dating in 2007 but chose to remain silent about their relationship. But fans were treated with occasional red carpets together.

The couple was loved by many fans and were almost like modeling royalty. Unfortunately, Shayk and Sales decided to part ways in 2009.

It was around that time when an article about Shayk had been published, saying that she had an affair with 85-year-old FIFA President Sep Blatter. The newspaper later apologized for the incorrect information. Well, we all hope that no one was cheating on the relationship.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo

Perhaps, the most well-known relationship of Shayk brought her to the limelight of the people that never even knew that she existed. When Irina Shayk began dating football legend Cristiano Ronaldo, the internet went buzzing. No living person could believe it. They were two different people from totally different worlds.

Ronaldo and Shayk met on the set of an Armani ad in 2010 and very soon their romance took off. This was the relationship that she announced publicly. It was well taken by fans.

The couple was so famous that they even posed for a Vogue cover (not the American one, by the way, it was for Vogue Spain).

Sadly, Shayk and Ronaldo ended their romance in 2015. Although it broke the hearts of many fans, the two later on went to find love in other people.

For the fans that are nosy about why the two broke up, there are several rumors behind it. One of them being about Ronaldo’s infidelity or the other being Ronaldo’s absence on Shayk’s mother’s birthday.

5. Bradley Cooper

It seemed that the universe wanted to heal the hearts of two people that have been in long-term relationships. Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper were first seen together on a Broadway date night.

Both had gotten out of long-term relationships at that time and were in need of comfort. And they found it in each other. The internet went crazy when rumors about them being a couple turned out to be true in 2015.

Their relationship continued to be strong and steady. After two years of togetherness, the pair welcomed their daughter, Lea de Seine Shayk Cooper. It seemed that all that was needed was the million-dollar question, a ring, and a beautiful answer to complete their happy paradise.

Unfortunately, their love wasn’t one made in heaven as Cooper and Shayk decided to call it quits in 2019 because of their hectic work schedules, specifically Cooper’s. The two remain on cordial terms for the sake of their daughter.

6. Vito Schnabel

After separating from Cooper, Shayk was spotted hanging out with a mysterious man while on a stroll with her daughter in New York. The mysterious man, later on, turned out to be Vito Schnabel, an art dealer, and proprietor from New York.

He, previously, dated model Heidi Klum. He had mentioned in many public appearances that he was interested in Shayk but never made the move.

Shayk and Schnabel never confirmed their relationship. It is speculated by fans that their relationship lasted a year.

7. Kanye West

Kanye West is known to make bold statements on the internet or in interviews, making everyone wonder in curiosity whether the statements are actually true or not. But before all that drama, he is an ace fashion designer and stylist.

Perhaps that was what drew Irina Shayk to Kanye West. The pair were spotted vacationing together in France in July 2021. It drew many eyes as fans were excited to see West’s “replacement” for his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.

They finally broke the suspense by saying that they were simply “casually dating” and do not plan on having a serious relationship. They broke up a few months later.


Shayk’s dating history is quite bizarre. From football players to businessmen, she has seen it all.

But she did mention in interviews that she now wishes to focus on her time with her daughter, which explains why she is involved in brief flings.

Fans can only truly wish for her to find her one true love real soon and finally settle down.

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