In a TV interview, Ashton Kutcher said,

Ashton Kutcher is an American actor, producer, and owner of a business. He rose to fame in 1998 when he got the role of Michael Kelso on the Fox sitcom That ’70s Show. Additionally, Kutcher has appeared in the TV programs Punk’d, Two and a Half Men, and The Ranch.

A shocking revelation! Ashton Kutcher said that he hadn’t planned to tell anyone about his vasculitis at first, which somehow came out. Kutcher disclosed in August 2022 that he had been diagnosed with vasculitis two years ago, which had affected his hearing, eyesight, and movement over the period of a year.

In an August 2022 episode of Running Wild With Bear Grylls: The Challenge, the public learned that the 44-year-old No Strings Attached actor was fighting a rare autoimmune disease. In an interview with Esquire that came out on Tuesday, January 31, Kutcher said that he didn’t think the conversation would be broadcast.

After all,  I have to look at it and think, ‘Okay, well, maybe it did need to come out,'” said the former star of That ’70s Show. Perhaps someone will read this and say, “Oh, knowing this will benefit me in some way. Hope that was helpful.

But what Actually Defines Vasculitis? 

The symptoms of vasculitis vary according to the portion of the body it affects because vasculitis can target any blood artery, and as per the doctor, every patient’s situation will look different. That can happen in a short amount of time, ranging from months to years and the biggest challenge is how quickly one recovers from such a disease.

Life’s Highs and Lows for Ashton Kutcher:

The native of Iowa was deeply troubled by the news of his health issue, but he didn’t want to be treated differently. He responded, “I ran an f-king marathon,” adding that he would want to “pass” on inquiries on his health. Are you alright? Everyone experiences bad things.

Kutcher told Bear Grylls during his appearance on the wilderness program last summer that an illness had forced him unable to move from his bed.

For once, he went into a deep depression, thinking that he would be able to wake up again, hear and see the wonderful earth and move around the breathtaking universe!

But he was strong enough to be thankful that he was still alive among his people!

The Cast of “That ’70s Show”: Where Are They Now?

Kutcher clarified his health status as news of his diagnosis spread. There were a lot of rumors about his case of vasculitis 3 years ago. Kutcher tweeted that he was finally healthy enough to participate in the New York City Marathon, providing a heartening update on his recovery.

Does Ashton Kutcher have the support of Mila Kunis?

Kutcher, who wed Kunis in 2015, and are the parents of two children, agreed, saying, “My wife is the best.”

Yes, Ashton Kutcher explained how his wife Mila Kunis helped him through a health crisis.

Kunis was spotted “curled up” next to her husband and was there in every step of his difficulties. He was also able to come back due to his wife’s effort and support.


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