It is time for the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship 2023 edition and fans can find out all the details including a brief competition preview, schedule, how to watch live, and more

Finland and Latvia will co-host the 2023 men’s world championship in Tampere and Riga respectively.

IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship 2023 schedule, date, time, teams, groups, fixtures and live stream telecast

The IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship 2023 will feature 16 of the world’s top ice hockey teams battling it out.

IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship 2023 competition preview

Going into the competition, co-hosts Finland will be looking to retain their men’s world title. Last season, the Leijonat (Lions) achieved the rare Olympic Games–World Championship double. This year again, the reigning world and Olympic champions will seek to hold on to their title.

Interestingly, National Hockey League (NHL) players are eligible to play in the World Championship this year as long as their respective NHL franchise is no longer involved in the Stanley Cup playoffs. This is a key factor as these NHL players could play a large difference in the results again this year.

2023 Men’s IIHF World Championship groups and teams

Group A

Austria, France, Finland, Sweden, USA, Germany, Denmark, and Hungary.

Group B

Canada, Latvia, Czechia, Kazhstan, Norway, Slovia, Slovenia, and Switzerland.

2023 Men’s Ice Hockey World Championship format

The upcoming Championship will feature 16 teams split into two round-robin groups of eight. The two groups will be Group A and Group B and each team will play the other seven teams in their group. The top four teams from each group will then progress into the quarter-finals.

The bottom two teams will get relegated to Division 1a of the World Championships for the following year. Great Britain and Poland are the promoted teams for next year’s edition from after winning first and second respectively in this year’s Division 1a.

The quarter-finals round will follow a cross-group format, with the first-placed team facing the fourth-placed team from the opposing group. Meanwhile, the second will play the third. However, if both Finland and Latvia qualify and are set to meet each other, the order will changed to the opposite. The teams will then be reseeded for the semi-finals round based on their group stage performances.

Each match will feature three periods of 20 minutes, following which it will enter into a sudden-death first-goal-wins overtime period if the scores are tied at the end of regulation time. The overtime period will last for five minutes in the group stage. Teams in this period will play three-on-three and head to a best-of-five penalty-shot shootout if the score remains tied.

The matches will feature a 3-2-1-0 points system. Three points for a win in regulation, two points for an overtime or penalty-shot shootout win and one point for losing in overtime or shootout.

The length of the overtime period will change in the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and bronze-medal game to 10 minutes. In the gold-medal game, the overtime period will further increase to 20 minutes with no shootout. As such, the game will feature multiple overtime periods until a goal is scored.

2023 IIHF Ice Hockey Men’s World Championship schedule

Given below is the 2023 IIHF Ice Hockey Men’s World Championship schedule with all times in Eastern European Summer Time (UTC +3 hours):

Date Timings Fixtures
Friday 12 May 16:20 FIN v USA, SVK v CZE
20:20 SWE v GER, LAT v CAN
Saturday 13 May 12:20 FRA v AUT, SUI v SLO
16:20 HUN v DEN, NOR v KAZ
20:20 GER v FIN, SVK v LAT
Sunday 14 May 12:20 USA v HUN, SLO v CAN
16:20 FRA v DEN, NOR v SUI
20:20 SWE v AUT, CZE v KAZ
Monday 15 May 16:20 GER v USA, SVK v CAN
20:20 FIN v SWE, CZE v LAT
Tuesday 16 May 16:20 DEN v AUT, SLO v NOR
20:20 FRA v HUN, SUI v KAZ
Wednesday 17 May 16:20 USA v AUT, LAT v NOR
20:20 FIN v FRA, CAN v KAZ
Thursday 18 May 16:20 HUN v SWE, CZE v SLO
20:20 DEN v GER, SUI v SVK
Friday 19 May 16:20 HUN v FIN, LAT v SLO
20:20 AUT v GER, KAZ v SVK
Saturday 20 May 12:20 USA v DEN, NOR v CZE
16:20 AUT v FIN, CAN v SUI
20:20 SWE v FRA, KAZ v LAT
Sunday 21 May 16:20 GER v HUN, SLO v SVK
20:20 USA v FRA, CZE v SUI
Monday 22 May 16:20 DEN v SWE, CAN v NOR
20:20 AUT v HUN, KAZ v SLO
Tuesday 23 May 12:20 GER v FRA, SVK v NOR
16:20 SWE v USA, CAN v CZE
20:20 FIN v DEN, SUI v LAT
Thursday 25 May 16:20 Quarter-final games (2)


Saturday 27 May 14:20 Semi-final 1
18:20 Semi-final 2
Sunday 28 May 15:20 Bronze-medal game
20:20 Gold-medal game

2023 IIHF Ice Hockey Men’s World Championship how to watch live

Fans can watch the 2023 IIHF Ice Hockey Men’s World Championship live via broadcasting partners in specific territories. Fans across some regions can also watch livestream and highlights clips online on the IIHF YouTube channel. Check out the official website of organisers IIHF to get the full information on how to watch in your region.


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