Ice-T and Coco Austin are the epitome of relationship goals!

Ice-T and Coco Austin are living proof that true love stands the test of time – they’ve been melting hearts since 2001!

Two hearts connected on a video set in years past, and their bond has been going strong ever since. Ice-T fondly remembered the moment during an interview with Mario Lopez, showing that true love can last forever!

Ice-T had a memorable question for his friend, Mario. He asked if he would ever consider dating someone who was a gangster rapper. Ice-T himself was wearing an eye-catching red snakeskin suit at the time to make it more interesting.

Austin – a white girl from the Valley who had no idea what gangster rap was all about – gave her blessing to this unknown rapper as long as he was nice.

Ice- T  showed her feisty side with a clever response when asked if she was ‘nice’. She sassily replied, “Well baby, just add an ‘I’ and you get Ice!”.

Ice-T and Coco, Austin’s romance, was one of fate – it all started with a simple pickup line! After quickly falling in love, the couple sealed their commitment to each other on New Year’s Eve 2001. But apparently, if you really want that happily ever after ending, filing for legal marriage is required too — which they did five years later in Nevada. Speak about having your cake…and eating it too!

Austin and her partner had an undeniable connection that set their whirlwind love story in motion – like two halves of a whole, they were meant to be together. And when it came time for them to tie the knot, there was no doubt Las Vegas would serve as the perfect backdrop! Fun fact: Austin sees their relationship more like PB&J than yin & yang…what can we say? Opposites do attract, after all.

She and her husband opted for an intimate wedding, just the two of them, with a priest and pianist. In order to spare anyone’s feelings, they kept it private – but that didn’t stop Austin from getting emotional! She recalled how overwhelmed she felt while exchanging their vows alone in the room with him. She also said that coco’s eyes were brimming with tears as he spoke his special words to me.

After more than twenty years of being together, the pair were blessed with a beautiful bundle of joy named Chanel in 2015. They continue to be devoted partners and loving parents to this day!

After 22 whole years, Ice-T and his Wife @Coco are still going strong! To celebrate the milestone anniversary, This December 2022, he took to Instagram with a heartfelt post. It speaks of how finding true love is just like casting for a movie – you must find someone ready for all sorts of experiences. Here’s wishing them many more happy anniversaries together ❤️

Austin was full of love for her spouse on their 2022 anniversary! She reflected with joy at how quickly the years had flown by and celebrated all that they’d built together over those decades. A family full of blessings – what could be better?

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