Shugatiti has claimed in a fresh interview she has charted a new path leading to redemption as opposed to her sultry, sexy sassy personality that represented her brand since she became a mainstream sensation.

She revealed in an interview with ZionFelix on YouTube that as she grew older and became more aware of her own personal development hence she is making a conscious decision to give up some habits and activities that were no longer in line with her changing self.

Shugatiti said, “I have stopped certain things because I am growing, I’m getting older. Now, I go to church, and very soon, I will give birth, so I am changing.” She emphasized that her decision was entirely her own and that she has taken the initiative to attend church regularly.

She revealed that although she was raised by her stepmother in the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), she was originally born into the Assemblies of God church. As a result, she has chosen to attend the ICGC’s branch in her community called Open Heavens.

“…three weeks ago, I went (to church) two weeks ago, I went and last week I went. I just decided to go, you know I need a new family…you know I was born into assemblies but my stepmother took me to ICGC, so, I sat down and I was like I won’t go to the assemblies but I will rather go to ICGC, and I had a branch at my area Open Heavens, so I went…the first time I went there, someone saw me and he saw the necklace and he was like, are you the one and I said yes.

“Since I started, I haven’t skipped … nobody preached to me, nobody convinced me because where I am coming from, we are not united like that so I needed a new family that when you face any challenges you can go to them aside worshipping God,” he added.


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