Getting married in his twenties, according to Ghanaian Highlife musician Kwabena Kwabena, was a mistake that cost him valuable years of his life.

He believed that rather than getting married at the time, he should have concentrated on his young and burgeoning job.

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Kwabena Kwabena expressed his happiness at the opportunity to now recapture what he feels were lost opportunities to enjoy his life at the time.

Speaking in an interview with Zionfelix recently, the ‘Aso’ hitmaker said; “The irony of the whole thing is, I played a role in stealing my whole life away from me at a point.

“The reason why I am saying that is as at 26 and 27, around that time, I felt that what I should have done was to focus on my career and not allow any external force to derail my train,” he said.

Kwabena Kwabena pointed out that he is now older and wiser to understand the importance of seizing opportunities and not taking anything for granted.

“I feel I was a young guy around that time, but by God’s grace, God has given me the chance again to have a second shot of my life.” he bemoaned.

“That’s the reason why I am not taking things for granted because around that time, there were other people who have become casualties or were involved, and so I don’t want to make it look as if I was a great person and somebody was bad.

“I feel that at a point in my life, I should have focused on my career more than any other thing. I shouldn’t have married then,” Kwabena Kwabena said.

Instead of wallowing in misery, Kwabena Kwabena has channeled his difficult experiences, particularly heartbreak, into writing his best love songs.



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