While average high school girls are pretty cool as is, high school girls who are secretly also assassins just add to their coolness even more. This 2021 released Japanese action comedy is more or less based around a similar premise with two high school girls who are about to have their graduation ceremony and are introduced as highly skilled and talented assassins. The two are badass in their space, but when together, their childish hatred for each other pops out, forcing them to deal with each other. 

The film is directed by Yugo Sakamoto, who is also the one who wrote the film’s screenplay, and it stars Takaishi Akari as Sugimoto Chisato, Izawa Saori as Fukagawa Mahiro, the lead high school assassins in the film. The film’s supporting cast has Motomiya Yasukaze as Hamaoka Ippei, Uekiya Satoshi as Hamaoka Kazuki, and Mimoto Masanori as Watanabe. 

While the entire story about high schoolers turning to gangsters for a part-time assassin job position may feel a bit ridiculous, it can be guaranteed that this is not all that the movie is about. Underneath the well-timed comedy and some really smooth action scenes, the movie takes time to comment on the condition of young kids who feel that they have no hope of securing a job, let alone have job security, which forces them to turn to dangerous ways of making money. 

Though this thought behind the movie is so deep and covered that many tend to miss it. On the surface, the plot is almost bizarre, with no clear direction of the movie revealed throughout. The movie does not have that many fight scenes, but the ones that made the final cut definitely look smooth and well-shot. Overall the movie does not seem to offer much and can be treated as a light watch, not taking up much of your attention.

A still from the film, Baby Assassins (Credits: Shaiker)
A still from the film Baby Assassins (Credits: Shaiker)

Baby Assassins: The Plot

The film follows the story of two high school girls named Chisato and Mahiro, who are about to graduate from their school and also happen to be part-time assassins and part of a gang. The two seemed to be doing just fine on their own, somehow managing their school life and the gang life, but very soon, their organization makes a decision for them that turns their lives in a new direction.

The two assassins are told that they will have to learn how to adjust to normal people’s society, to properly understand how they are supposed to pretend to be ordinary people while hiding their actual identities. This is done so because the two would be having their graduation ceremonies soon, meaning that they would become adults in society and would have to act the part too. 

The two get an order which forces both Chisato and Mahiro to share a room and live together, all the while figuring out how to be an adult while hiding their assassin identities. Both our assassins share completely opposite personalities, with Chisato being the bubbly, happy-go-lucky one despite her struggles and Mahiro being the broody, tsundere character.

The two go through troubles trying to adjust to the other, but eventually, their relationship just does not work out. It is right after the girls decide not to bother each other that they find out that they are probably being targeted by the Japanese mafia or Yakuza, and it hits them that becoming assassins is probably not the best decision of their life. 

Chisato and Mahiro in the film, Baby Assassins (Credits: Shaiker)
Chisato and Mahiro in the film Baby Assassins (Credits: Shaiker)

They decide to put their differences aside and band together as a strong duo and try to grab onto whatever hope of having a normal life that they can and try to figure out how to get away from the Yakuza and get on with their normal lives. 

Baby Assassins: Where to Watch It?

The movie got released on July 30th, 2021, and received mixed reviews from fans though it seemed to have done well enough locally. It has a running time of no more than an hour and a half. It is obvious that the movie cannot be seen in theatres anymore, but there are other ways for fans to stream the film. Baby Assassins is available on Apple TV, Prime Videos, and Vudu for fans to watch and enjoy. 

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