Cat in a blender video is still surfacing on social media websites in China and Twitter, know how to sign the petition to get the guy behind the footage arrested for life

A disturbing report has emerged about a group of Chinese animal abusers who are threatening to repeat heinous acts of cruelty involving a cat and a blender.

This comes after the person behind the viral video that showed the first incident was apprehended. The information was spread on Reddit, and even though the post has since been ten down, it sparked fury on social media.

The original video, which saw a vulnerable cat being tormented in a blender, sparked worldwide outrage and anger. Initially, it was said that the person who made this video, had been detained, but there are questions as to whether the right person has actually been ten into custody.

How to sign the petition to get cat in blender guy arrested for life as video footage goes viral on Twitter and Reddit

The suspect is Xu Zhihui, a well-known food blogger and YouTuber from Anhui who is active on Chinese social media. He was arrested, although not explicitly, for torturing and killing cats, as those activities are still permitted in China at the moment.

Instead, he was detained for disseminating objectionable internet material, such as videos of cat torture. Upon his arrest, Xu was placed in “administrative detention,” which in China is limited to 15 days. Petition to get him arrested for life can be signed here.

Xu Zhihui’s arrest led to threats of more abuse

After Xu’s arrest, his fellow cat abusers threatened to hurt additional cats. Pictures from “cat abuser” groups show that they are uniting in favor of the offender and organizing a large-scale livestream event where additional cats will be cruelly killed.

Surprisingly, these organizations include a significant number of students and minors in addition to adults. One member of the group, who claims to be just 10 years old, freely admits to torturing cats.

Animal cruelty against animals like cats and dogs, who are not covered by particular protective regulations, is still permitted in China since there is no comprehensive Animal Welfare Act.

As a result, there has been an alarming increase in cat cruelty, with several chat groups established on well-known Chinese messaging platforms. Members of these communities freely exchange videos of cat cruelty, and their own experiences with it, and even go so far as to sell the footage for money.


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