How Old Is Adam Sandler’s Wife, Jackie Titone? Her Wikipedia, And Children

Jackie Titone who is widely known as Adam Sandler’s wife is only 48 years old.

Jackie Titone is best known as Adam Sandler’s wife who is a great comedian and an actor in America, but she has a lot of potentials to do anything by herself, and she already has done it.

Adam Titone, Jackie Titone’s husband, is in the film industry as a screenwriter and producer. Sandler is perhaps most recognized for his work on Saturday Night Live (SNL) as well as his performances in a variety of Hollywood films.

Adam started his career in entertainment by performing stand-up comedy. Later, in the early 1990s, he worked for Saturday Night Live (SNL) as a writer for the show. In 1991, he joined the cast of the show, and he remained with the program till the end of 1995.

Yet, the focus of today’s article is not solely on Adam Sandler because we will also talk about his beloved wife, Jackie, as well as her private life.

However, Jackie has gained even lot more media attention and limelight after her marriage to Adam. So, people who love and adore her want to know where she is and how old she is on Wikipedia.

So, now this article will help you to reach your destination by knowing everything about them. Wondering how? Simple! Just keep reading this article and with us till the end.

Jackie Titone’s Age And Wikipedia

Jackie Titone is 48 years old and she was born on September 24th, 1974. Well, Jackie Sandler’s real name is Jacqueline Jackie Titone, and she was born in Coral Springs, Florida. Actress and model Jackie Titone started her career in the modeling industry at a very young age in high school. She made her first appearance in front of the camera in the 1999 film Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, which was directed by Rob Schneider where she played the part of Sally.

Now, if we talk about Jackie Titone’s Wikipedia page, it should be clear that she does not have any Wikipedia page but details about her are found on many other pages.

Although Jackie Titone does not have a Wikipedia page of her own, information about her can be found on the page of her husband.

Jackie Titone’s Children

Jackie Titone is a caring and loving and dedicated mother to her two girls, whom she and her husband welcomed together. Jackie and Adam have been married for many years.

On May 6, 2006, Jackie gave birth to her first child, who was also a daughter named Sadie Madison Sandler. Again, on November 2, 2008, her second daughter, Sunny Madeline Sandler, was welcomed into the world.

As we all know, Titone is a loving and devoted mother, and she has expressed publicly how much she enjoys spending time with her family.

Her daughters have also appeared in Adam Sandler movies, such as “Grown Ups” and “Blended,” albeit only in supporting roles.

In addition, Jackie recently attended the Paris premiere of Murder Mystery 2 with her husband Adam, and children Sadie, and Sunny.

Also, Jackie Titone’s children started appearing in acting projects when they were young. So, it will be amazing to see if the two girls slowly become actors like their parents or not.

Relationship Timeline Between Jackie Titone and Adam Sandler

As was already said, Jackie Titone is married to Adam Sandler, who is himself a very famous person that does not need any introduction to the entertainment industry.

The two met on the set of “Big Daddy,” a 1999 movie in which Titone had a small part. Jackie was a model and an actress then, and she had a small part in the movie.

When they met each other they started liking each other and after a while, they got married in a private ceremony on June 22, 2003, in Malibu, California.

Adam and Jackie have been together for almost 20 years, but their relationship seems as strong as ever.

They are often seen at events together and have been known to help each other with their careers.

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