Here's A Look at the Timeline of Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen's Relationship

Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron met at a 2002 event in Australia, which has now led to a blissful 20-year relationship. Reflecting on their initial encounter at a “very pretentious party,” the comedian confessed that he instantly realized the actress was his soulmate.

“I knew right away, but it took her 20 years to figure it out,” Cohen said in an interview with The New York Times in October 2020. The couple sparked romance rumors two years after meeting and eventually got engaged. Fisher, however, prefers to keep her relationship with Cohen private and told the Daily Mail in August 2008, “I don’t like discussing my personal life, and Sacha and I are alike in that we use humor to mask our emotions.”

In preparation for their wedding, Fisher converted to Judaism to honor her then-fiance. “I will have a Jewish wedding just to be with Sacha. I’d embrace any religion to be married to him,” she told the Evening Standard before their 2011 ceremony.

The most important aspect for Fisher was to have their loved ones present. “It was crucial for me to have a beautiful ceremony surrounded by my family and friends. And it’s tough to keep it private and low-key when you’re in the public eye,” Fisher confessed in an interview with Allure in January 2009.

The couple welcomed their first daughter, Olivia, in 2007, before getting married in 2011. They later welcomed their second daughter, Elula. Both Fisher and Cohen prioritize their family’s privacy, with Fisher stating in an interview with Us Weekly in 2011, “Motherhood is my favorite topic but I never talk about it publicly. As much as I love what I am doing, and I am so fortunate to have the opportunities that I have had, my responsibility is to my family.”

“We’re both busy, but when it comes down to it, our family is our number one priority. We make sure to always put them first,” she told the Evening Standard in January 2009.

As of 2023, Fisher and Cohen have been together for over 20 years and have remained happily married. They have built a strong partnership and a beautiful family, proving that their chance meeting at that “pretentious party” in 2002 was meant to be.

Isla and Baron Cohen have been married for over a decade and have three children. Fisher has been open about her priorities and how family comes first. She has often taken on supporting roles in her acting career to prioritize her family.

In 2015, the couple welcomed their son, Montgomery, completing their family of five. Despite busy schedules, Fisher has emphasized the importance of being together every day and considering marriage a wonderful institution.

Scroll down to find out the timeline of Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen’s Relationship.


Isla and Baron Cohen met at a party in Sydney, Australia, in 2002.


In 2004, Sacha Baron Cohen proposed to Isla Fisher.

October 2007

Olivia was the first child of the happy couple.

August 2010

Elula was the couple’s second daughter.

March 2011

The couple exchanged vows in a quiet Parisian ceremony.

March 2015

In October 2014, the news of the Australian actress’s pregnancy was announced by the US. She gave birth to her first son, Montgomery, in April 2015.


Fisher and Cohen made their first picture together, “The Brothers Grimsby,” in 2016. In lauding Cohen, Fisher said, “It was motivating to work with a perfectionist like him, who would do whatever it took to make sure the best joke made it into the film. His sense of humor made working on set a great experience.”

October 2017

Fisher said in an interview that the fact that she keeps a low profile has only added to the mystery around her. In October 2017, she told Today, “People find it interesting that the fact that I don’t talk about my personal life is now newsworthy. When I started, people talking openly about their private lives was unusual, and people couldn’t believe it. Now that everyone shares everything, the fact that I keep some things to myself is newsworthy.”

Fisher also said that her faith brings many people to her home even though she likes her privacy. She told him, “People come over often because my door is always open. Everyone is welcome to join my family for dinner once a week at my big Shabbat dinners.”

September 2018

Jokingly, Fisher announced her marriage to “One of the GQ Men of the Year, just not John Legend” in September 2018.

February 2019

In an Instagram post featuring a selfie of the couple, Fisher wrote, “Happy Valentine’s Day to my husband. Sorry for cropping you out of this pic, but this is just such a fantastic photo of me.”

December 2019

“Hold on tight, folks! I’m about to take you on an adrenaline-fueled ride to celebrate my amazing husband @sachabaroncohen and his latest achievement – a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in a Limited Series!

He underwent an incredible transformation for his role in The Spy, ditching his dad-bod and mastering three dialects, including Syrian while immersing himself in character for a full 4 months in Casablanca!

This recognition is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion he puts into his craft, and it’s also a tribute to Eli Cohen’s family who allowed him to bring their story to life on the screen and to the HFPA. Buckle up and let’s raise a cheer for the man of the hour!”

October 2020

“Blow out the candles, pop open the bubbly, and let’s raise a toast to the one and only! Happy Birthday to my beloved husband, the man who never ceases to amaze me with his unwavering commitment to activism, his talent as an actor, his unwavering love as a father, and his devotion as a husband. You light up my world and the world around us, and I’m so grateful to be by your side as you continue to strive towards making it a better place. Cheers to you, my love!”

November 2020

“Australia, the land down under, where the sun shines bright and the air is fresh and clean. This place, my home, brings a sense of peace and comfort like no other. After making the move here with my family, I can honestly say I’ve never felt more at ease. The stress and worries of the outside world seem to melt away, and all I’m left with is pure happiness. I’m free to just be myself, to walk barefoot on the soft earth, to breathe in the salty air, and soak in the sun. This is where my heart truly belongs. I’m the happiest when I’m home, and I never want to leave.”

December 2020

“Sacha’s words of wisdom altered the course of my career,” the actress revealed. “I was striking out in auditions for dramatic roles and losing faith in my abilities. But then, the comedy king himself saw something in me and suggested I try my hand at comedy. And boy, am I glad I took his advice! His confidence in me led me to audition for Wedding Crashers, and the rest, as they say, is history.”

February 2021

“Yay, my hubby is on fire! So excited to see him crush it with not one, not two, but THREE Golden Globe nominations this year! Best supporting actor, best comedy actor, and best comedy – wow! What a birthday gift! Big love to the Hollywood Foreign Press 💕”

March 2021

“Wow, what a huge accomplishment for my love! 🎉🎉 He’s officially a two-time Golden Globe winner for his amazing role, and I couldn’t be more proud of him. Cheers to you, babe! 💕 #GoldenGlobeWinner #MyMan”

April 2021

“Getting all dressed up with my hot date tonight 💃🏼❤️ #awardsnight #couplegoals,” Fisher wrote in the caption.

December 2021

Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen celebrated his 20th anniversary with his wife Isla Fisher on Instagram. “Happy Anniversary to my wife, Isla Fisher,” he wrote. “If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart. I’ll stay there forever.” He added: “Our duration is largely due to our location – after all Hollywood is the bastion of lengthy marriages.”

March 2022

Courteney Cox told Howard Stern that she and her husband, who was friends with Johnny McDaid, helped him get together with the Friends alum. “I remember seeing Johnny and going, ‘Oh, wow. He’s really intense.’ He’s got the eyes, and he’s playing the piano,” the actress recalled telling Fisher at a get-together.

Fisher quickly told her husband, who wasted no time letting the Snow Patrol musician know about Cox’s crush. Sacha Baron Cohen approached Gary McDaid and said, “Hey! Courteney wants to sleep with one of you from Snow Patrol. It’s not you, Gary.” The star of Scream came out.

November 2022

Fisher told the Australian Women’s Weekly about her marriage, “I feel nervous talking about it because I don’t want to make it public and share all of our personal details with everyone. It’s something that is private and valuable to me.” She added, “I’m not sure if that’s the key [to a happy marriage], but for us, it works.”

She also said, “Humor helps us deal with the harshness of life. And besides that, I think it’s nice to have some things that just belong to you.”

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