Has The Stabbing Video of Zachary Latham Gone Viral? Update About His Trial and Verdict

Yes, the stabbing video of Zachary Latham has gone viral on social sites.

Zachary Latham is a famous person now on social media as no one could have thought that when he started posting videos of fights with his neighbors, it would end in such a horrible way.

When the fight started in 2020, Latham was living with his grandparents in Vineland, New Jersey. He was married and living on his own at age 17. He also worked for the New Jersey National Guard as a private.

He started putting videos on TikTok and got almost 39,000 fans. This was the first thing that got him in trouble with his neighbors, who live a few houses away from him. Latham also had a few expensive cars, which he shared pictures of on social media.

The Stabbing Video Of Zachary Latham On Reddit Went Viral

Zachary Latham is a social media celebrity who has been charged with killing his neighbor after a series of violent online videos led to the death of a man.

As we have said that Zachary has expensive cars that he shows off with loud noise in his Tiktok video, his neighbor Catherine Durham, talked to him about his speeding on April 6, 2020.

The video of Latham’s fight with Catherine was his most-watched video on TikTok, with more than 3 million views in just a few days. During this time, he started to share the video and told his followers to drive to Zachary’s area to disturb his neighbors.

Police said that on May 4, 2020, Zachary was driving through the neighborhood when he turned his car toward Gage, who was riding a bike and tried to hit him. When Catherine talked to him, she said that he gave her a black eye. But no one charged Latham with anything in the case.

The whole Durham family, which did not have any weapons, then went to Latham’s House to face him. Detectives said Zachary came out of his house with knives and a stun gun while his wife was recording their fight with the mobile phone.

The fight started outside and moved into the garage, where Latham killed Timmy Durham. The video of the stabbing also gets a lot of attention on Reddit and other social media sites.

Update On Zachary Latham’s Trial And Verdict

Zachary Latham is accused of killing William Timmy Durham Sr. and is charged with second-degree murder, serious attack, and weapons charges.

As we have already said, the fight started when the Durhams accused Latham of driving dangerously, which Latham recorded on social media.

Lawyers for the Durham family said that Zachary drew Durham into a fight that killed him so that he could become famous on TikTok.

On the other side, Zachary’s lawyers tried to get a murder charge against him, but they were not successful. Along with Catherine Durham, the couple’s two boys were also charged in the case.

After a few weeks of hearing evidence, the judge came to a decision, and many people lost interest in the trial. Soon, there will be more news about this case.

Wife Of Zachary Latham?

Sarah Latham is married to Zachary Latham. They married at a very young age and did not have any children.

When Zachary and his friend got into a fight that killed someone, Sarah wrote down what happened and got a lot of attention from the public.

Was Zachary Latham Freed From The Case?

Yes, he was freed from the case.

According to NJ, police freed Zachary Latham from the case by stating that he was not found guilty in the whole fight.

Police took Latham into custody for the murder of William T. Durham Sr., which we are well aware of. In the year 2020, he was put to death. After a long fight between the Lathams and the Durhams, William was killed brutally.

Latham was found not guilty of any of the claims that he was facing by a jury after a long trial that lasted for three weeks. The trial took many twists and turns and after that, he was freed of the claims of reckless murder in the second degree as well as any other claims that were linked to the incident.

Following the deliberations of the jury, the Presiding Judge of the Superior Court, Cristen P. D’Arrigo offered some remarks.

Judge said that there are no winners in this situation. Mr. Latham was saving himself and was successful, but he still has to live with the occurrences of those days and their effects of it.

In addition, Judge Cristen said that, He is aware that there is not much consolation that he can offer to the members of the family, but this is their legal system, and this is how it works and there is no one who comes out on top thus we are all losers. However, this is a good legal system, and this is the way that it is designed to work.

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