Chris Tyson is a well-known content creator and YouTuber who often appears in Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson’s videos with many claiming he’s been fired by MrBeast now

But new rumours that they might be kicked out of the group have caused people to talk about it online. Here is more you need to know about it.

Has MrBeast fired crew member Chris Tyson and is he leaving the group now as rumors go viral on Twitter

When Chris went missing from MrBeast’s group of travellers while they were in Japan, rumours began to spread. There were rumours that Chris had been fired, but later videos and Instagram pictures showed that these rumours were not true. Chris did travel with the group, but his parents chose not to have him film in one place so they could spend more time with their son.

After the first rumours that Chris wasn’t on MrBeast’s trip to Japan, some news stories said the content writer might have been fired. But Chris just posted a Snapchat video that shuts down these rumours. They said that they could come and go as they liked during the trip so that they could spend time with their son and that they had not been kicked out of the group.

Chris Tyson also talked about the unfair criticism they got for going through hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and thanked MrBeast for his help. For those who don’t know, HRT is when a trans woman tes oestrogen and/or anti-androgen drugs to grow secondary female sexual characteristi. Trans men, on the other hand, have to te testosterone to grow secondary male sexual characteristi.

MrBeast shows support for Chris Tyson amidst transphobic remarks

MrBeast stood by Chris Tyson through all of the attacks and called out anyone who said anything transphobic about them. Minorities, especially queer people, often have to deal with harmful behaviour on the internet, so it is important to give them a safe place to grow and me their own decisions.

Chris Tyson being briefly absent from the trip gave some fans more reason to wonder about his job. This was pointed out by one of their fans, who asked Chris, “Did you get removed from the MrBeast team bc they also keep lying about that?”

Chris Tyson, dismissing the rumors, said, “I told Jimmy, just because I wanna spend time with Tucker (his son), and he’s traveling a lot, I’m just gonna come and go as I please. I came to Japan and I left when I pleased.” They also hinted, jocularly: “And I went to, I don’t know if I can say I went to Mexico, I went to Mexico and then I came back.”

Chris Tyson remains part of MrBeast’s crew despite rumors

Even though it’s still not clear if Chris will be in the next MrBeast film or not, they are still part of the team. It is important to value people’s choices and give them help to encourage acceptance and tolerance, which will lead to a society where everyone can do well.

In the end, the internet talk about Chris Tyson possibly being fired from MrBeast’s crew has been made clearer. Chris wasn’t fired, but he chose to spend time with their son during their trip to Japan. The rumours that they were fired are not true. It’s important to accept people’s choices and help them out to encourage inclusion and tolerance. MrBeast’s support for Chris Tyson’s choice to keep HRT and the team’s continued use of HRT is a good example for others to follow.


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