The Episodes of 'Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities' - Ordered From Worst to Best

Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of curiosities is one of the perfect new Netflix horror series to watch in a week. The series consists of an eight-episode season with totally different stories and directors.

The Oscar-winning and acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro is directing the story’s beginning. Next, we will see Alfred Hitchcock as the director.

And as a good anthology series, you can find everything and connect more with one horror story than another and choose your favorite.

For this reason, I have ordered from worst to best episodes of this first season:

8. Storage room 36

Director: Guillermo Navarro(The Godfather of Harlem)

The story revolves around a man who searches abandoned storage rooms for jewelry that can save him from debt. The beginning puts you in a pretty good situation, but the resolution you will see is poor. Despite everything, the creature that appears in it is terrifying and appreciated.

7. Cemetery rats

Director: Vincenzo Natali (Hannibal)

A grave robber has his eye on the riches of a newcomer to the cemetery. But to get them, he must chase some rats dedicated to removing everything that has value from the buried bodies. This is another great premise, but how it is resolved leaves a little to be desired.

6. The murmur

Director: Jennifer Kent (Babadook)

A couple of ornithologists go to an isolated house to study some birds. But after a tragic loss, Nancy investigates the last tenants and sees terrifying ghosts. Kent directs an episode in his style, creating a horror atmosphere with a rather emotional background meaning.

5. Dreams in the witch’s house

Director: Catherine Hardwicke(Twilight)

Years after the death of her twin sister, an investigator does whatever it takes to bring her back from a sinister world he saw her sister enter at the time of her death.

But his curiosity awakens that of another entity that will do anything to come back to life. Rupert Grint (Harry Potter) is great in this horror and gore story that will leave you speechless.

4. The appearance

Director: Ana Lily Amirpour(A girl comes home alone at night)

One of the most moral stories of the first season. Stacey has always wanted to like her but believes she cannot do it because of her appearance.

But thanks to a party, he gets a lotion that he becomes obsessed with. It causes an alarming reaction and a disturbing transformation.

This is a simile to people’s obsession to like people and changing everything about them to get it.

3. Pickman’s model

Director: Keith Thomas (The Vigil)

An aspiring painter named Will meets an introvert, Richard. His curious and terrifying works of art that are just looking at them disturbingly affect him to the point of getting to see things that do not match reality. The sinister atmosphere is very well achieved with some great actors.

2. The visit

Director:Panos Cosmatos(Mandy))

One of the most visually stunning episodes of Guillermo del Toro’s horror series. The premise is simple, but how it is executed is simply incredible. Four people are invited to a luxurious mansion to live a unique experience. And indeed, they live it in all its splendor.

1. The autopsy

Director: David Prior (The Empty Man: The Messenger of the Last Day)

A good script and direction say a lot. This happens with ‘The Autopsy’ (1×03), where the turns it gives and the creature that appears are simply wonderful.

A veteran sheriff investigates a rather tricky case. To solve it, he calls an old friend to help him with the autopsies. And I won’t say anything more.

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