Gina Joy Carano Dating History: Boy Friend, Love Life, Fiance

Gina Joy Carano is an American actress and a mixed martial artist. She was elected as “Hottest Woman in America” in Big Biz Magazine in the spring 2008 issue. Her huge popularity in martial arts led to her being called the “face of women’s MMA’’. Gina Carano’s dating history was excellent also.

She is a renowned actress, player, martial artist, athlete, and fitness model, and what made her different from everyone else was her strong personality. She has also made an excellent footprint in football, volleyball, boxing, and other sectors.

The role of Cara Dune in ‘’The Mandalorian’’ brought her to a new level of recognition. So from the above introduction, we must say that Gina is a sage girl. Like everyone else Gina’s also had a varied love life many of you called it dating history.

The Dating history of Gina Carano is very beautiful and eloquent and so like me, many of you show interest to know about her dating life. She is a popular figure to have A-list boyfriends from boxers to actors. So let’s see how her love life was.

Like me, you just want to know more about these celebrities’ love life, if so, then stay with me until the end to find out. So tune in with us to discover about her dating life like how Gina’s love story was in the past. Who were her ex-boyfriends?

Gina Joy Carano Dating History Overview

Before Going to the Main Speech I Want to Introduce You to the List of Gina’s Lovers in Gina’s Dating History:

NamesYears Together
Kevin Ross2005-2009
Kit Cope2009
Tyson Griffin2011
Henry Cavill2012-2014
Again Kevin Ross2015-to be Continued


Kevin Ross is an American and a professional Muay Thai trainer in Thailand. Kevin Ross became their boyfriend of Gina’s in 2005 because they met at a Muay Thai event in 2005. Gina highlighted Kelvin as really influential in her life. In this relationship, Gina’s dating history was so beautiful.

There was reason behind their strong bond during their dating life was that they both belong to the same discipline. During the period of their good dating time, Gina stated that “Kelvin gave me a meaning to my life and did start my career”.

At the time Gina Carano’s parents got separated Gina had a pretty rough time Kelvin Ross lifted her from the tough situation and convinced Gina to start her promising future. We didn’t expect that their relationship didn’t stay long because the way of their dating life was so smooth.

Gina wanted to be an actress after her successful appearance in Ring Girls and then Kelvin disagreed with Gina’s choice in being an actress. Then the dating relationship was disrupted and the split was based on a mutual agreement in 2009.


Kit Cope is an American Muay Thai boxer and mixed martial artist. After breaking up with Kevin Ross in 2009 Gina started dating Kit. Immediately after that date, Kit Cope proposed to Gina for engagement.

Kit was impressed by Gina’s strong fighting skills and self-confidence. Though Gina and Kit are from the same profession like martial arts, they spent a short time together. Their dating relationship as far we know was not so good and sober.

In Thailand in local leather matches, they both participated and spent a joyful moment. But it didn’t end in a sober way. What’s the reason behind this is still unknown to us. But they did not split their relationship in a mutual process, it is known to all.

The length of Gina Carano’s dating history in this relationship is transient. In the same year of their relationship, they split it also. After they broke up Kit said so many indecent words and so Gina was devastated by that.


Gina Carano’s dating history was short and had the shortest number of dating days with Tyson. Tyson Griffin had a relationship with Gina Joy Carano in 2011 and then it was a colloquial word like a rumor.

This news was published in 2011 two years after her break up with Kit Cope. Tyson Griffin also is a kickboxer in America.

But they gave no verbal statement about their relationship. After a few days, Gina started to date Henry Cavill as a result people soon forgot this.


Henry Cavil and Gina Joy Carano fell in love with each other in 2012 surprisingly in an instant attraction. Henry Cavill is a handsome guy that we have known as a man of steel. They began dating in September 2012.

During the early period of their love life, Henry told that Gina was an amazing woman. Many of their pictures were spread on social media at the time of Gina’s and Henry’s dating life which was an indication of Gina Carano’s dating life.

But many unfortunate things happened during their dating life. People thought Gina was too scandalous after publishing a tape recorder in an interview program as a result the Mandalorian made a statement to the audience that Gina got fired from Lucasfilm and that in the future, there was no plan to work with her.

Henry was also canceled due to his relationship with her. Many people didn’t support them being together and so what happened in their relationship was very private.

Surprisingly people began to believe in the dating life of Gina and Henry. Because in January 2014 they decided to adopt an adorable puppy and people thought this is an indication of their serious relationship. In 2014 they broke up and the reason behind this is still unclear why they split up.

Most Awaited Reunion Between Gina Joy Carano and Kevin Ross: Does Gina Enjoy Reuniting With Ex-Boyfriends?

After Gina’s final crack from Henry Cavill, Gina fully concentrated on her career so that she can keep her mind busy with something else. She became famous in the action movie ‘’In The Blood’’(2014), and’’ Heist’’(2015). At the same time she enjoyed occurring in her life- reunion with Kevin Ross and is maintaining a successful dating life.

It was almost a decade after their breakups in 2015 they reunited together with a happy soul. Kevin Ross is the name of a person who is the best person in her life Gina thinks so because Kevin lifted her into the world of professional fighting and added some extra positive push in her life.

Their fan followers across the world triumphed after seeing a photo on social media in which a gentle kiss of them was disclosed. After seeing this they could not believe their eyes however it was possible indeed, as Gina and Kevin are still together.

You all will be glad to know that Kevin doesn’t bother with Gina’s career even if he supports all her endeavors. They are the true example of true love, aren’t they? If two people want to be united, no one can stop them even if there are hundreds of obstacles. They will always find a hundred and more ways to be together and now it is believed by all. Thus Gina Carano’s dating history turned out beautiful.

They eventually vowed to marry and spend the rest of their lives together. Now by observing the way of their love life we can see an ideal example of a successful dating life.


Gina Carano’s dating history is brief but there was a mix of funny, sensational, and pathetic facts. It must be said that Kevin Ross is her comfort zone and a name of blessing in her life.

Meanwhile, Gina has recently reached another zenith in her interesting career playing the role of Cara Dune in ‘’The Mandalorian’’ mini-series and it added extra value to her career.

Although she had many ups and downs in her personal and professional life and was cheated by many lovers, she was loyal in every situation. That’s why she found a true dating partner and she got what she deserved.

In view of the above discussion, we can say that Gina Joy Carano and Kevin Ross finally have overcome the same difficult path and achieved true love through loving each other. So we hope they will be together in the future as in the present Gina Carano’s dating life. Tell me if you agree with me…

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