The passing of a New York City resident has shocked the entire nation. According to reports, Jordan Neely was 30 years old when the incident occurred with his full video out

What has been the story?

According to the now-viral video, a fellow tube rider choked Neely from behind with a rear ned choke, a technique that is frequently used in UFC mixed martial arts matches. Jordan tragically died as a result of the choke.

Full video of Jordan Neely being killed after being placed in chokehold in NYC subway goes viral on Twitter, Reddit

On Wednesday night, the city’s medical examiner declared the incident to be a homicide. According to accounts, Jordan reportedly yelled about being hungry while riding the tube in Manhattan. Neely promptly tossed his jacket to the ground, which led an unnamed white man to pin him there. When Neely, 30, was finally restrained, the accused put him in a chokehold on the ride’s floor with at least one other man’s assistance.

After a while, the New Yorker stopped moving, and then he was allowed to go. Neely was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital shortly after being unable to be revived by emergency personnel. The accused was then detained by the NYPD, but after what seemed to be a vigilante killing, he was eventually freed without being charged with a crime.

When he was younger, Neely used to enjoy impersonating Michael Jackson on tube rides, but he has recently fallen on hard times. A little over 16 years ago, Jordan was 14 years old when his mother died as a result of routine domestic abuse.

Jordan Neely’s mother endured a similar fate as him.

Jordan’s death is currently being compared to Christie Neely, Jordan’s mother, who was notoriously murdered. She was 36 years old when her boyfriend strangled her, put her body in a bag, and dumped it on the side of a Bronx street. Jordan Neely was only 14 years old when the tragic 2007 event occurred. He apparently had a mental illness and fell into deep despair after his mother passed away.

Jordan revealed in his 2012 testimony that Shawn and his mother had met at a law school. Christie was employed in Manhattan as a telemarketing at the time of her passing. whereas Southerland had previously had a position with a law firm. Carolyn, Jordan’s aunt, revealed that after the passing of her sister, Jordan’s health deteriorated and he began to experience several ailments at once.

Jordan’s father spoke with the NY Daily News on Monday just before his passing. “His mothers died. She also perished. then came him. Her boyfriend fatally shot her. And he now? by another person? I’m not sure what to say,” Andre Zachery stated. Since Jordan’s passing, protesters have flocked to New York City’s streets in an effort to learn more about how the underground event ended with Jordan’s murder. Senior prosecutors are now in charge of the inquiry, and as time goes on, there may be updates.



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