Eion Bailey has his fans excited with his ongoing Scientific horror film, and the curiosity to know where it was filmed has been killing his fans; thus, their curiosity will end today. Directed by Jack Bender, Brad Turner, and Jeff Renfroe, the series focuses on a middle-American town that traps anyone who dares to visit it.

The people stuck in the town have no other choice than to give up and continue living in the said town for as long as they are alive. Created by John Griffin, From is one of the few horror series that has managed to intrigue the viewers to plunge into the journey till the end to see if someone was able to break free from the town.

From Series
Poster Of From Series [Credits- MGM+]

Produced by Michael Mahoney and Lindsay Dunn, the series stars Harold Perrineau playing the role of Boyd Stevens, Township’s estranged sheriff, Catalina Sandino Moreno playing the role of Tabitha Matthews, mother of Ethan and Julie, Eion Bailey playing the role of Jim Matthews, Tabitha’s husband, David Alpay plays the role of Jade Herrera, a software developer with accumulated wealth.

Elizabeth Saunders plays the role of Donna Raines, Colony House leader; Shaun Majumder plays the role of Father Khatri, priest of the Township; Scott McCord plays the role of Victor, resident of Colony House; Ricky He plays the role of Kenny, the right-hand man of deputy, and A.J. Simmons playing the role of Randall, a volatile man in the lead cast.

The recurring cast of From stars Reid Price playing the role of Tom, Township’s bartender; Cynthia plays the role of Trudy, Fatima’s friend; Vox Smith playing the role of Boy in White, a mysterious young boy, and Katerina Bakolias playing the role of Clara, Colony’s superstitious resident.

From was received positively by the viewers as it held them together till the end. Midnight Radio undertook the series production while David Greene did the alluring cinematography for it.

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From Series- Premise

The series focuses on a nightmarish town situated in the middle of America that is known for trapping people against their will. The trapped unwilling residents having no other choice, strive to stay alive and continue to search for a way out of the town. Everyone who tries to leave the town ends up getting chased by nocturnal creatures from the hidden town.

The series begins with the viewers getting introduced to a run-down town situated in the middle of America. The town’s occupants appear to be gloomy with low spirits. The series then follows the town’s self-proclaimed sheriff Boyd Stevens, going on his daily parole to go and warn the inhabitants not to come out of their houses after dusk. The talisman with archaic markings hides behind the closed doors of their house.

The series then reveals three months of respite and the practice of closing the windows and doors before dusk smoothy by the inhabitants of the town. The reason behind everyone always being on alert and hiding behind closed doors after dusk turns out to be a humanoid. This revelation is made after Megan, a young girl, lets a woman claiming to be her grandmother enter her house, which results in the horrific death of Megan and Lauren, her mother.

The audience gets to know that the town is a spatial paradox infested with humanoids lurking in the dark to chase and torture any helpless victim they can get their hands on after dusk. It is also revealed that everyone who enters the town once cannot leave the loop unless they are willing to die trying. The series also showed the viewers the way new humans get trapped in the city, as often people would go on a detour while driving in the town.

From Series
A Still From Series [Credits- MGM+]

Communication with the outside world is restricted, leading the people to continue being trapped in the hellhole for decades to come. Victor is revealed to be a mysterious individual who has managed to survive successfully for a long time. The township is divided into two parts, with one under Boyd’s protection while the other part is under Donna’s protection. As the series moves forward, the viewers get to see the arrival of a family of four traveling in an RV who gets struck in the town in a similar manner. Is after seeing a fallen tree, the father gets out to ask the way around it.

Boyd tells them the way, knowing very well the family is now a part of the town and would be stuck for a long period. The Matthews are rescued alongside Jade and her friend after the two collide in an accident. After several incidents, the series ends with Sara trying to escape and a bus filled with newcomers arriving in the nightmarish town.

From Series- Filming Locations-

1. Nova Scotica, Canada

Nova Scotia is a province located in Canada. The location has a picturesque beauty that was utilized by the crew of From to film prominent parts of the series. The main location to film the series was Halifax, located in Nova Scotia. The parts with the outdoor forest scenes were filmed at Oakfield Provincial Park, located in Canada. Oakfield is one of the popular locations in Nova Scotia for tourists to visit.

Filming Location- Canada [Credits- MGM+]

Other locations used by the production crew of From are Lower Sackville, Beaver Band, and Sackville River, all located in Nova Scotia. The set for filming of some parts of the From series was set in North Beaver Bank, located in Nova Scotia, Canada. The crew selected the location due to it being surrounded by woods with parts of infrastructure already there that were required for the filming. The locations used for the filming of the first season of From are open to visitors.

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