A brief drama ensued on a flight involving Ghanaian actor Yaw Dabo and in a fresh interview recently, he shed light on the humorous encounter.

In a report we sighted on Tru News Report, the diminutive actor said during one of his most recent air travels, a flight attendant mistook him for a toddler due to his little size, which led to a series of humorous misunderstandings.

The actor cum football administrator recounted how the lady gave him crayons and a colouring book because she believed he was a child during an appearance on Wontumi TV.

Thereafter, instead of serving him the lunch that was meant for adults, which would have made the situation even funnier, they gave him food that was meant for kids.

The flight attendant expressed her heartfelt regret for the misunderstanding after the actor clarified that he wasn’t a child.

Dabo remained upbeat the entire time and thought the situation was very amusing. Dabo’s story quickly went popular on social media due to how funny it was, evoking varied responses from netizens in the process.

Check out a snippet of a video to substantiate Dabo’s experience.


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