A family’s customary marriage introduction rite has ended in a fight due to a last-minute request by the bride’s uncle,

It was alleged that the groom’s family fulfilled all of the bride price requirements and transported the things to his fiancée’s family home for the wedding rituals.

The bride’s uncle arrived with a second list, which he said must be checked off before they will offer his daughter’s hand in marriage, and this is when mayhem broke out.

A video which surfaced on social media shows the moment the uncle and another relative were throwing punches and fighting local karate.

A few of the guests gasped in shock and laughed, while others attempted to break up the fight.

Watch the video below,

In other news, a video of the hilarious moment popular Nigerian influencer, Enioluwa, created a huge scene when a python was placed on his neck has surfaced online.

The content creator, who is currently making waves in the Nigerian entertainment scene, paid a tourist visit to the Python Temple in Benin Republic and opted to participate in one of the activities, which involves hanging a snake around one’s neck.

When the guide draped the long python around his neck, Enioluwa panicked and started screaming in fear because of the slithering reptile. He also started vibrating like he was having a seizure and tapped out, prompting the guide to remove the reptile from his neck as swiftly as possible.


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