Fast X is the final Fast and Furious movie in that long-running saga which dates back to the early 2000s, directed by Louis Leterrier out of a screenplay by previous director Justin Lin; the film gives us Dominic Toretto and his family’s last great adventure while driving fast cars, committing international crimes and racing in a cut-throat adventure to defeat the family’s most notorious nemesis, Dante Reyes. 

Fast X movie revolves around Dante’s revenge plot after the Rio de Janeiro bank robbery that took place in Fast Five and Dom’s efforts to protect his family. Furthermore, the movie captures thrilling chase scenes and action sequences at diverse locations, raising curiosity about the movie’s filming locations. We have compiled all the essential information about Fast X filming locations for you, and today, you’re traveling with us to check them out!

Fast X Filming locations
Hey kids! It’s Jason Momoa! (Credit: Universal Pictures)

Fast X Filming Locations

This $340 million budget movie was filmed between the United States, Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, Brazil, and Portugal. The production team didn’t spare any kind of expenses while shooting this film. The iconic action scenes, the chases, and many other stunts were shot entirely on location. And today, we’re taking a look at some of these places to learn more about them. 


During the production of the hit movie “Fast X,” the cast and crew found themselves in the beautiful and historic Iberian peninsula. In Spain, they shot a few scenes at the breathtaking Aldeadávila dam, a massive engineering structure. Furthermore, this dam is located on the outskirts of Salamanca and dates back to 1962. Its impressive structure contains the Duero River, providing hydroelectric power to the local area. As the cast and crew worked to capture the essence of the scene, one where Toretto drives down the body of the dam following a huge blast.

Fast X Filming Locations
The impressive Dam in Spain (Credit: Universal Pictures)

Los Angeles

During the filming of Fast X, the talented cast and crew had the opportunity to soak up California’s warm, laid-back vibe. The Dodger’s Baseball Stadium was chosen as the location for some of the most loving family moments between Dom Toretto and his loved ones, while the glamour of Rodeo Drive served as the perfect backdrop for high-speed car chases.

To add a touch of Hollywood magic, the iconic “Hollywood” sign featured prominently in some of the film’s most unforgettable scenes. Finally, the stunning Griffith Observatory and the spectacular Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels provided breathtaking backdrops for some of the movie’s most awe-inspiring moments. 

Fast X Filming Locations
Dom’s house in Los Angeles (Credit: Universal Pictures)


The X cast and crew had the unique opportunity of filming several scenes in various locations across Portugal. The picturesque streets of Lisbon, the charming city of Vila Real, and the quaint town of Viseu all played a role in bringing this film to life on the big screen. However, it was the A24 Highway where some of the most exhilarating chase scenes took place – this long and winding road provided the perfect backdrop for the action-packed moments that have become a trademark of the Fast and Furious franchise.

Turin, Italy

During filming, the cast and crew traveled to Turin to shoot several exhilarating action sequences in the Torino metropolitan area. These included iconic locations such as Via Roma, Crimea Square, IV Marzo Square, Vittorio Emanuele I Bridge, and the Corso Fiume. The breathtaking beauty and unique architecture of these settings brought an added layer of excitement to the film’s action-packed scenes. 

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Rome, Italy

An important number of Fast X’s action scenes were shot in Rome, Italy, and its metropolitan surroundings; shooting there began between May and July 2022, and we can see from the movie shots from Via Itallo Belardi, Genzano di Romo, Via Cristoforo Colombo, the Umberto 1 and Vittorio Emmanuelle Bridges, the Spanish Steps, the Colosseum and the Via della Cordonata. 

Fast X Filming Locations
Rome’s Colosseum (Credit: Universal Pictures)

London, England

Some of the most thrilling scenes in this movie were shot at Warner Bros. studios in Hertfordshire, Leavesden. The studio location spans over 222,000 square meters of space, with more than a dozen stages capable of supporting all the kinds of functions that a production of this caliber. Of course, with this vast array of resources at their disposal, the production team was able to bring to life an unforgettable action movie.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

To truly capture the stunning visual scenes of the Corcovado Christ in Rio de Janeiro, high-resolution drones were used to shoot and create the perfect backdrop. This connection was a nod to the previous film, Fast Five, which was set in Brazil. By adding this extra level of detail, the significance and beauty of the scenes are made all the more memorable.

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