After boys planet, an ongoing reality competition show, Fantasy Boys, is a hot topic in the world of K-pop. The production company Phunky Studios first organized a reality show for female participants called “My Teenage Girl,” and they proposed the idea of organizing a male version in In June 2022. A month later, they made an official announcement, Mnet, and over 1000 trainees from all over the world auditioned for the survival sow. 

Through evaluation and public votes final, 55 contestants were selected to participate in the show. The main purpose of the show was to give birth to a new 5th-generation boy group created by the public and for the public. However, the trainees were evaluated and trained continuously by five successful and popular K-pop stars. 

Fantasy Boys
Fantasy Boys’ MC and Producers [Credit: MBC]

The host of the show is Shim Chang-min member of the Kpop duo group TVXQ. Meanwhile, the show’s judges, or can be called mentors, are Jang Wooyoung, members of the Kpop boy group 2 PM. Jeon Soyeon is a member of the K-pop girl group GI-(dle). Jung Jin-Young, well known K-pop solo artist, and finally, Kang Seung Yoon, a member of the Kpop boy group Winner. 

The show is directed by Han Dong-chul[ was originally set to release in early 2023 but due to was delayed and originally premiered its first episode on March 30, 2023. the show is originally broadcasted by MBC [South Korean television and radio broadcaster]. In this article, we will provide you with information about where and how you can watch the 10th upcoming episode of Fantasy Boys. 

Fantasy Boys Episode 9: Recap

The sequel show of “My Teenage Girl” started with a total of 55 contestants. Out of which, a few were eliminated, and a few left. The boys had to go through different evaluations to show their skills and talent to get the chance to become K-pop stars. 

Fantasy Boys
Fantasy Boys [Credit: MBC]

In the fourth semester of the evaluation, the mission was to show teamwork between the trainees. A total of 5 teams were made. Based on the final points, the team with the least points will be eliminated. But trainee Ha Seokhee made it to the semi-finals with a wild-card chance by the producers [mentors]. 

The episode begins with a semi-final mission for the trainees. The mission was named “Producer’s New Song Mission.” The taste was to that all fou producers made four new songs for them, and they had to perform them to make it to the finals. 

Producer Jeon Soyeon prepared the song “Spaceman,” which is a pop song that is the perfect vibe for boys who are in love. Soyeon chooses the following trainees to perform her song as a team. The trainees under “Spaceman” are Hong Sungmin, Lee Hanbin, Kim Gyurae, Ha Seokhee, Hayato, SANTA, and K-Soul. 

Fantasy Boys
Producer Soyeon with Trainees (Fantasy Boys) [Credit: MBC]

Producer Kang Seung Yoon prepared the song “RUN” for the trainees, which is a dance song with hope to the boys who are encouraged to run faster to the finals but with a smile on their faces. The trainees under “RUN” are Oh Hyeontae, Kang Hyunwo, Hikaru, Keum Jinho, Kim Wooseok, Kim Daehui, and Knag Irang. 

Producer Jang Wooyoung prepared the song “SNACK,” which vibes like a Latin hip-hop song that will just cheer you up when you are retired from everything. The trainees under “SNACK” are Yu Junwon, Ling Qi, Jin Myungjae, Taeseon, Park Hyeonggeun, Nam Seunghyun, and Kaedan. 

Producer Jung Jin-Young prepared the song “Hold Tight,” which perfectly fits the personality of Jinyoung. The song contains very meaningful lyrics with a sensual dance to match the vibe. The trainees under “Hold Tight” are Moon Hyunbin, Knag Minseo, Kang Daehyeon, Hwang Jaemin, Hikari, Kim Beomjun, and Yuma.

The trainees will get a total of 3 benefit points. Two individually and one as a team. The first benefit point will be given by the producers on-site after the performance, and the second individual benefit will be the producer’s pick benefit. Lastly, team point benefits will be decided by voting of fans on-site after the performance of each team. 

Fantasy Boys
Fantasy Boys [Credit: MBC]

In episode 10, it is anticipated to see who will rank first and which team will get more votes from fans. Also, the final top 20 trainees selected by online fan voting will be revealed on Thursday, June 1, 2023. The top 20 trainees will be the ones to survive and reach the finals. 

Fantasy Boys Episode 10: Release Date and Time 

The 10th episode of Fantasy Boys is set to drop out on June 1, 2023, Thursday at 10:00 pm (KST). The 10th episode is said to be a live episode as the top 20 trainees will be revealed. You can find the release schedule of the episode for the following mentioned countries in the list provided below:

  • For viewers in the US: 9:00 am EST on Thursday, June 1.
  • For viewers in Canada: 9:00 am NT on Thursday, June 1.
  • For viewers in India: 6:30 pm IST on Thursday, June 1.
  • For viewers in Australia: 12:00 am AEST on Thursday, June 1.
  • For viewers in the Philippines: 9:00 pm PHT on Thursday, June 1.
  • For viewers in Japan: 10:00 pm JST on Thursday, June 1.
  • For viewers in Britain: 1:00 pm UTC on Thursday, June 1.

Fantasy Boys Episode 10: Streaming Guide 

The 10th episode of the Fantasy Boys is scheduled to release on June 1, 2023, Thursday at 10.00 pm [KST]. The show is originally set to premiere on the MBC tv channel, and the episode will be uploaded on Naver Now for Korean audiences. For international fans, Fantasy Boys’ 10th episode will be released on Rakuten Viki with English subtitles. Also, all performance videos will be uploaded separately on YouTube. 

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