Exploring the Sizzling Romance of Lizzo and Boyfriend Myke Wright: A Journey Through Time!

Lizzo and Myke Wright may keep some aspects of their relationship private, but the singer has provided lovely insights into their bond. Lizzo posted pictures on Instagram from her red carpet debut with Wright in June 2022, accompanied by the caption, “I’m a boss ass bitch #FYC”. The post showed the happy couple beaming at a “For Your Consideration” event in LA. It’s about time!

Before her public debut with her partner, Lizzo opened up about how a past heartbreak transformed her outlook on life. The “Cuz I Love You” singer Melissa Jefferson, also known as Lizzo, shared in a March 2020 interview with The Sunday Times that things have changed. She mentioned working on her relationship with her family and being open to friendships and having children, which was a significant change for her as she considers her albums to be her babies.

The “Cuz I Love You” singer, Lizzo, revealed in a March 2020 interview with The Sunday Times how a past heartbreak influenced her outlook on life. Melissa Jefferson, Lizzo’s real name, stated that she was now working on her relationship with her family and was open to the idea of friendships and children, which was a significant shift for her as she sees her albums as her babies. This occurred before her official public debut with her partner.

A year after her interview, Lizzo sparked dating rumors when she was seen displaying affection with Wright. The couple continued to go out and were captured having dinner together throughout the year.

In April 2022, Lizzo joked about fan speculation about her love life on Saturday Night Live. She said, “They think I’m collecting One Direction members like Infinity Stones” referring to rumors that she was dating every white guy in Hollywood.

In the same month, Lizzo spoke about someone special in her life. During a radio appearance on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy, she confirmed her relationship status to host Andy Cohen. She stated, “If you have the right person, fame doesn’t matter. It should be mutually supportive no matter what that person does.” The Hustlers actress also joked about rumors that she was pregnant with Chris Evans’ baby. She said the rumor started from a TikTok video where she manifested it.

The powerhouse vocalist behind “Good As Hell”, Lizzo, dropped a tantalizing hint about the support of her beau during her electrifying SNL hosting gig. When quizzed about his presence at the taping, she said, “You get the exclusive scoop, don’t you?” Fast forward a couple of months, and the dynamic duo made their love official on the world’s biggest photo-sharing platform, Instagram! Embark on a thrilling journey down memory lane and relive the heartwarming story of Lizzo and Wright’s low-key but adventurous romance!


The sizzling partnership of Lizzo and Wright didn’t just blossom in their personal lives but also on the small screen. They were the dynamic duo at the forefront of MTV’s Wonderland, co-hosting and starring in the show that made its grand debut in 2016.

March 2021

Rumors of a blazing hot romance between Lizzo and Wright set the internet ablaze in March 2021 when they were snapped in a passionate clinch, sealing their love with a smooch. And that was just the beginning! The camera lens stayed fixed on the adventurous duo, capturing their every move as they sizzled through the rest of the year.

March 2022

Lizzo spread joy and happiness with an Instagram post, sharing a video of her laughing and planting a kiss on the man sitting just outside the frame. She captioned the post with a simple but cheerful message, “Happyyyyyyyyyyyy.”

April 2022

In an illuminating interview with SiriusXM’s Radio Andy, Lizzo shed light on her love life and confirmed that she was dating someone special. The singer revealed that her partner was unperturbed by her success and fame, stating, “If you have the right person, no, not at all. [Fame is] not even a factor.” This speaks volumes about the strong and supportive bond between the couple.

June 2022

The power couple made a blazing entrance onto the red carpet, making their first appearance as a duo at a glittering “For Your Consideration” event. Lizzo was there to spotlight her electrifying competition series, Watch Out for the Big Grrrls. This was their moment to shine, and they did so in style, embracing each other and the excitement of the occasion.

July 2022

Lizzo shared wise words during an appearance on The Breakfast Club, talking about the importance of genuine people in her life. She stated, “I have the most genuine people around me. They don’t give an s–t about Lizzo with the chain on.

They care about Melissa, and everyone I’m close with had known me before all of this happened, and I think that’s important. Even the man I’m with knew me before all of this too. We were friends. It hit differently when they knew you before 2019.” These words offer a glimpse into the singer’s values and the significance she places on having meaningful relationships in her life.

August 2022

Lizzo and her partner stepped out into the bustling city of New York, the warmth of their connection palpable as they walked hand-in-hand. The couple was on their way to the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards, where Lizzo was poised to light up the stage with her dynamic performance.

As they strolled through the streets, heads turning to catch a glimpse of the famous singer, the lovebirds seemed blissfully unaware of the attention they were receiving. They reveled at the moment, basking in the joy of each other’s company and the excitement of what was to come.

September 2022

With a smile from ear to ear, Lizzo confessed her love for her significant other in an exclusive interview with Audacy Check-In. The talented musician, also known as Watch Out For the Big Grrls, couldn’t contain her happiness as she spoke about her relationship.”I’m just smitten, I can’t help it,” she gushed. “And the best part is, he has his special name for me. He calls me Melly, and it’s just so creative and special to me.”

Her beau’s nickname touched Lizzo, and she immortalized it in her song “2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)”. The lyrics, which belong to the second verse of the song, paint a picture of a couple completely in love, as she sings, “He calls me Melly (ayy), he squeezes my belly (yeah) / I’m too embarrassed (ah) to say I like it.”

Their bond is a shining example of true love, and it only grows with each passing day. This relationship is an explosive fusion of passion and devotion.

October 2022

During an insightful interview with Vanity Fair, Lizzo opened up about the future of her relationship with Wright. The talented songwriter revealed that while they are deeply in love, she’s not in a rush to walk down the aisle.

“We’ve known each other for over six years and our love just keeps growing stronger,” she shared. “People put so much pressure on monogamy and make it seem like it’s the only way, but that’s just not how I see it. I’m not into multiple partners, he’s the love of my life, we are life mates.”

Lizzo explained that she only sees the possibility of tying the knot if it makes sense for their future together. “If we were to start a business together, I would consider getting married, as that’s when your finances come together. But we’re just enjoying each other’s company and focusing on our love.”

It’s clear that Lizzo and Wright have a strong, loving bond and are in no rush to change that. They take all the things one day at a time and cherish each moment they have together.

November 2022

The Big Grrrl’s documentary “Love, Lizzo” allowed the audience to glimpse the powerhouse performer’s intimate side. She candidly shared the ups and downs of her relationship with her boyfriend, Myke Wright, who she affectionately calls “Melly.” The singer emphasized the significance of including him in the documentary, as he’s an integral part of her life, both personally and creatively.

Throughout the film, Lizzo delves into the complexities of their relationship, revealing that they’ve had their share of challenges. Despite the ups and downs, the performer acknowledged that her love for Wright runs deep. She spoke about the difficulties of balancing her music career and personal life but emphasized that she’s grateful for his unwavering support.

Overall, “Love, Lizzo” provides a captivating and inspiring portrayal of the superstar’s journey to self-love and acceptance and offers a glimpse into the heartwarming relationship between Lizzo and Wright.

December 2022

Lizzo sat down with The Howard Stern Show to share some exciting news about her relationship with her boyfriend, Myke Wright. The “Rumors” singer revealed they were officially in love and committed to each other. “We’re not playing any games anymore,” she said with a smile. “We’re very much locked in.”

Lizzo gushed about how much Wright meant to her, saying, “he’s everything”. She explained that their relationship had gone through its ups and downs, but they were now stronger than ever. “This is official,” she stated confidently. “There’s nobody else I’m going to be with for the rest of my life.”

February 2023

Lizzo and her handsome beau, Myke Wright, turned heads at the glitzy Clive Davis’ pre-Grammys bash on February 4th, 2023! Dazzling the red carpet with their stunning looks, the couple radiated joy and love as they struck pose after pose. It was a mesmerizing display of their undeniable connection and the depth of their affection for each other.

Later in the evening, Lizzo took to Instagram to share some of the key points from the night, captioning the post with, “Hard Launch😮‍💨.” The post consisted of a series of beautiful pictures from the event, showcasing the couple’s love and affection for each other. The post was met with many positive comments and admiration from fans and well-wishers, who couldn’t help but gush about the couple’s chemistry and love for each other.


Lizzo and Myke Wright’s relationship may be private, but the singer has shared some lovely insights into their bond. In June 2022, Lizzo made her red carpet debut with Wright, sharing pictures on Instagram with the caption, “I’m a boss ass bitch #FYC”. Before that, in March 2020, Lizzo talked about how a past heartbreak changed her outlook on life and how she was now working on her relationship with her family and open to friendship and children.

The couple sparked dating rumors in 2021, and Lizzo confirmed their relationship in April 2022 during an interview on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy. She talked about the importance of having someone who supports her, regardless of fame. In August 2022, the couple walked hand-in-hand to the MTV Video Music Awards, showing the warmth of their connection. Lizzo has also shared that the people in her life, including her partner, knew her before her fame, which is important to her.

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