Mira, a famous Russian Twitch streamer with more than 444,000 followers, has once again been banned from the site, know the reason of the ban

This is the sixth time she has been banned from Twitch, and it’s still not clear why. But it’s important to note that she has been banned from Twitch before for breing the rules about being ned.

Explained why did Twitch ban streamer Mira again and drama controversy explained

Mira has made a name for herself on Twitch by playing games like Grand Theft Auto 5, Dota 2, Fortnite, PUBG: Battlegrounds, and more. Her success on Twitch isn’t just because of the games she plays. It’s also because of the fun streams she does, like Just Chatting, IRL, Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches.

Mira’s most recent ban hasn’t been given a reason, but her earlier bans were because she broke n*dity rules. She was banned from Twitch three times in 2022, and this is her second suspension of an account that year.

Even though she has been banned before, Mira has said that s*xism is promoted on Twitch. During an earlier suspension, She said that Twitch was unfair because it made fun of women’s bodies while ignoring men who showed off their bodies on camera. Mira’s response to this new ban and how long it will last are still unknown.

Mira’s ban among others, including Amouranth’s brief suspension

In the past few months, Twitch has been cracking down on people who bre its rules, and Mira is not the only famous streamer to get banned. On May 4, Twitch said that it had banned another famous female streamer, Amouranth. The next day, though, Twitch changed its mind and let Amouranth’s feed come back to the site.

She has never been banned for more than four days, and it’s possible that this latest ban will also be lifted soon. But it’s not clear if Mira will change her content to fit Twitch’s community standards or if she will keep pushing the limits of what is allowed on the site.

Mira’s fans demand Twitch reinstate her account

Fans of Mira have been upset and angry about her latest ban, and many of them have ten to social media to demand that Twitch bring her account back. But in the end, it’s up to Twitch to decide, and it’s still unclear what they’ll do about Mira’s current suspension.

In the end, Mira’s ban from Twitch shows how hard it is for streamers to follow the platform’s community rules. Even though Twitch has been cracking down on wrongdoing, famous streamers like Mira keep pushing the limits of what is allowed on the site. It’s still unclear how Twitch will react to Mira’s new ban and how it will affect the platform’s future.


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