Find out the meaning of the term turbulence on TikTok as currently everyone is talking about the viral trend, know the meaning of the term

People on video apps are not discussing the uncomfortable thing called turbulence that you experience on planes. Know the meaning of the word below.

What is the meaning of turbulence on TikTok as guy and meme go viral

Turbulence means men on the TikTok app doing weird dances so that their private parts can slap against their thighs. This mes the sound of clapping or slapping which can be clearly heard in videos that they post, although they don’t actually show anything which is X-rated.

It’s still not clear whether people are doing something with their nether regions or ming the clap using alternative methods. However, this weird challenge went viral on TikTok and it seems as though everyone is now giving it a try.

A whole bunch of turbulence

This trend started with a TikTok handle @officialjustjo and it goes by the name Just Jo on the platform. He went Live through TikTok back in early 2021, did the dance, and shouted “a whole bunch of the turbulence” and clips of him went viral.

As per Know Your Meme, the first known screen recording of Just Jo Live was uploaded by a TikTok which was @yvngdejiro in October of 2021. Since then, he has continued doing live streams and is currently well known as Turbulence Guy and this trend has now become a big social media meme.

Another challenge that has gone viral in May and which sees people ranking their zodia using a list of positive and negative traits.

TikTok users react

People took to Twitter for discussing the turbulence trend, as everyone thinks it was really weird and hilarious.

One person mentioned, “Turbulence on TikTok is the wildest and most hilarious thing of 2023.”

The third one says: “Turbulence guy is one of the best person to come outta TikTok.”

“Turbulence guy from TikTok found one joke and turned it up to 11,” another said.

Now be ready to watch more of these turbulence videos while scrolling on TikTok.

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