Esaret, a long time ongoing Turkish series, is ready to air its newest episodes this week. This romance series debuted on November 21st, 2023 and has become widely popular and successful owing to its enamoring plot tale and gripping suspense with passionate romance. The story that bases its angst drama on a hate-to-love revenge story will make you swoon at the main leads and curse at the pesky antagonists. 

Having such a long run with so much accumulated praise and success is really a feat, and Esaret has proved to be worthy of its fans’ love. Additionally to its original title, Esaret is famous internationally by its broadly acknowledged alternative names, ‘Captivity’ and ‘Redemption.’

Serkan Mut and Ayhan Özen jointly directed this Basak Yazi Odasi creation and selected Cenk Torun to play Orhun Demirhanli and Mahassine Merabet as Hira. The rights to Esaret are owned by Eccho Rights.

Esaret Episode 122
Esaret (Credits: The News Titan)

The story follows the main characters Orhun Demirhanli and Hira who were worlds apart, one the heir to a great family fortune while the other a human slave. It is by fate’s choice that such circumstance arose that these two people from different backgrounds, residing in different parts of the world, could meet. However, their meeting is not such a friendly event as Orhun is seething with fury after learning of his dear sister’s demise and Hira is somehow involved in the conspiracy. 

Esaret continues to air every weekday from Monday to Friday on Kanal 7 and for more information about the latest release of the series, continue to scroll down.

Esaret- Story Synopsis

Growing up in a wealthy, influential yet broken, loveless family made Orhun the successful yet cold and arrogant businessman he is today. His small family includes his uncaring mother Afife, younger sister Nurşah and twin sister Nihan. 

Nihan is a compassionate doctor and followed her co-workers to volunteer at a medical camp set up in Eritrea. But, going there it not much later that the news of her going missing reaches Orhun who leaves everything to find his sister. 

Orhun is devastated to learn about his dear sister’s death upon reaching her last known location and goes berserk with the thirst for revenge which makes him callously go on a killing frenzy and he wipes out the gang who had a hand in Nihan’s death. He meets a poor soul trapped in the evil clutches of human traffickers, Hira and learns that she was the one who poisoned Nihan.

Esaret episode 122
Esaret- Episode Still (Credits: Kanal 7)

Orhun decides to release Hira from her captivity only to trap her in a worse hell with himself where he could torture her to his heart’s content. Coming back home things take a turn for the worse when Orhun’s mother Afife reveals to them the lies she had spoken about their father’s death to them. This piece of news shatters Orhun and unthinkingly he marries Hira to infuriate his mother who has an obsessive attachment to pure-blood legacy and would never accept a low-born sullying the family.

In the midst of all this drama. Orhun finds himself falling for the innocent Hira who has been silently bearing all the trouble he brought for her. What will be the fate of their love?

Esaret- Story Till Now

The circumstances are tough around Orhun and Hira who only wish to be in love without any other concerns. That is proving to be quite difficult for the couple. Hira has been carefully nursing little Ali back to health and the young boy also feels comfortable and happy with Hira. 

To continue being with Ali for a while more, Hira requests Orhun to allow her stay in the mansion for a longer duration. On the other hand, Orhun is frustrated to not be able to get out his inner feelings and confess clearly to Hira.

Esaret Episode 122
Esaret- Hira with Ali (Credits: Kanal 7)

Kenan has reformed and wishes for a second chance with Meryem, who is occupied with her own family troubles with a drunken and violent father dictating her mother and her life. She is also asked to leave her job, which she informs Kenan about just as he is waiting outside her office to meet her.

Eda and Afife are silently seething because of the failure of their plans and Hira’s happiness is a sore sight for them, especially when Orhun is wrapped around her like a protective barrier. 

Orhun sincerely apologizes to Hira about all the past occurrences which she at first declines, but after having a conversation with Nurşah, Hira changes her mind. 

Esaret Episode 122- Release Date

Esaret airs from Monday to Friday on Kanal 7 and the latest episode of this week is episode 122 releasing on 30th May, 2023, Tuesday at 7:00 pm Turkish Time. From the below given list you can find the release schedule of the episode in the mentioned countries:

  • For viewers in the US: 12:00 pm EST on Tuesday, 30th May.
  • For viewers in Canada: 12:00 pm NT on Tuesday, 30th May.
  • For viewers in India: 9:00 pm IST on Tuesday, 30th May.
  • For viewers in Thailand: 11:00 pm NT on Tuesday, 30th May.
  • For viewers in Australia: 2:00 am AEST on Wednesday, 31st May.
  • For viewers in the Philippines: 12:00 am PHT on Wednesday, 31st May.
  • For viewers in Japan: 1:00 am JST on Wednesday, 31st May.
  • For viewers in South Korea: 1:00 am KST on Wednesday, 31st May.

Esaret Episode 122: Where To Watch The Episode?

The official channel that airs the episodes of Esaret in Turkey is Kanal 7 and after the episode has aired it gets uploaded online on the drama’s official YouTube page. This free access can be enjoyed any and all viewers world-wide to watch the series.


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