Ella Mcfair known personally as Andrea Bordeaux is the character behind the Starz comedy-drama series “Run the World.” She also works as a talented and ambitious journalist for the fictional magazine called The Shade. There were rumours she won’t be featured on the show again. So what happened to Ella on the run the world? Let’s find out more.

What Happened To Ella On Run The World?

As already discussed, the character, Ella McFair, is played by the talented actress Andrea Bordeaux. Ella’s character development throughout the series was a testament to resilience, intelligence, and the pursuit of happiness. As a member of a tight-knit group of friends in Harlem, she embodied loyalty, wit, and unwavering support for her loved ones.

However, fans of “Run the World” were left surprised and disappointed when news broke of Andrea Bordeaux’s departure from the show. The actress, who played Ella McFair, was let go from the series before its second season due to her non-compliance with the production’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. In an Instagram post addressing the situation, Bordeaux clarified that she did not voluntarily leave her role but was fired by Lionsgate, the studio behind the show.

The decision to let Andrea Bordeaux go due to the vaccine mandate sparked discussions and raised questions about the challenges faced by the entertainment industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. It shed light on the complex dynamics involved in ensuring the health and safety of cast and crew members on television productions. While her departure undoubtedly created challenges for the show’s creators and the remaining cast members, “Run the World” continued with its second season, exploring new storylines and character dynamics in the absence of Ella.

Despite the departure of Andrea Bordeaux from the series, her portrayal of Ella in the first season left a lasting impression on fans. Her talent and dedication to her craft shone through, bringing depth and authenticity to the character. Although viewers may have been disappointed by her absence, they will have the opportunity to witness the evolution of the show and the narratives that unfold as the remaining characters navigate their lives without Ella’s presence.


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