A viral video has captured the dramatic moment a pregnant woman caught her boyfriend with another woman in his house.

In the trending clip, the pregnant woman is seen confronting her boyfriend and his other lover. She holds a bottle in her hand, as if ready to attack, and charges towards the woman, questioning why she came to visit when she knew he was with her and they are expecting a child together.

However, in her defense, the other woman claims that she had no knowledge of his involvement with someone else, as the man in question didn’t mention it to her.

Watch the video below,

In other news, a Nigerian man has taken to social media to reveal that he has fallen out of love with his girlfriend and doesn’t know how to communicate his feelings to her.

The young man, identified as @oksalem10, took to TikTok to make this revelation on Monday, May 29.

He shared a video of himself and his lover in a car, and stated that he doesn’t know how to tell her face to face that he is no longer interested in her.

The TikTok user added that he hopes his girlfriend sees the post so he won’t have to tell her in person.


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