Episode 8 of Drag Race Espana season 3 will release super soon. After the enticing live stand-up comedy challenge, fans are more excited to know what Drag Race Espana has in store to challenge the Drag Queens on the floor. So, if you want to know when the upcoming episode of Drag Queen Espana season 3 will release and how you can watch it, then stay until the end of this post. 

Released in the year 2021, Drag Race Espana is inspired by the American reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race. The format for Drag Race Espana is similar to the American show. Every year, a number of drag queens from Spain enter Drag Race Espana to represent their talents and skills and compete for the title of “Spain’s Next Drag Superstar” and the cash prize of 30000 euros.

Every episode of Drag Race includes mini and main challenges, which are designed by the judges especially for the contestant to curate the best talents. These include challenges such as the Runaway challenge, dancing challenge, acting challenge, and lip-sync challenge. Those who receive the bottom places have to compete against each other again, while the one who receives the first place is awarded a certain prize.

Drag Race Espana was first released in the year 2021, and since then, it has been a highly acclaimed reality series all around the world. After the release of the second season in the year 2022, Drag Race Espana has finally been airing its third season in Spain. As the first seven episodes of this drag queen reality show have finally been released, let us know about the recap, release date, and streaming guide of episode 8 of Drag Race Espana season 3.

Drag Race Espana Season 3: A Quick Recap

The first episode of Drag Race Espana was released on 16th April 2023, and the long-time host Supremme De Luxe welcomed all 13 contestants and the judges, fashion designer Ana Locking, actor and director Javier Ambrossi, and Spanish actor Javier Calvo. The first mini-challenge was “Spain is Different”, in which the contestants dressed themselves up as farm animals, and the main challenge was “Supremme Eleganza Talent Extravaganza,” which was won by Bestiah, while Maria Edilia, who was in the bottom 2 eliminated the first episode.

In episode 2, which was released on 23rd April 2023, Spanish singer Soraya was invited as a guest judge. The mini-challenge in this episode was Eurovision Song Contest, in which the queens had to perform as same as the queens who previously won this challenge. Macarena was the one who won the mini-challenge, and the main challenge was won by Pink Chadora, in which two teams were formed and choreographed. Chanel’s “Slo-mo” and Drag Chuchi were eliminated.

Fashion designer Palomo Spain was invited to the third episode of Drag Race Espana season 3. For the main challenge, the queens represented three looks, colors, flavors, and regions for the Great Ball Of Regions. The challenge was won by Pitita and Chanel Anorex, who received negative comments, sadly lost the challenge, and were eliminated.

After performing three Spanish horror parodies in three teams, Pitita managed to win judges’ hearts in the fourth episode, while Kelley Roller lost the runaway challenge and was immediately eliminated. Subsequently, in the fifth episode, the main challenge was “Snatch Game,” which Pink Chadora managed to win, and The Macarena lost the runaway challenge, leading her to get eliminated.

Drag Race Espana Season 3 Episode 8
Drag Race Espana Judge (Credit: Wow Presents)

In the sixth episode of Drag Race Espana, which was released on 21st May 2023, Spanish actress and dancer Monica Cruz was welcomed as a guest judge. In this episode, queens performed in the musical called The Wizard Of Oz. The week’s challenge was won by Pitita and was lost by Visa, who got eliminated. The seventh episode brought shocked all of the contestants, and eliminated queens were brought back to the competition. Supremme De Luxe announced that double elimination would happen in this episode.

The challenge was the “Stand Up Comedy” challenge, in which the eliminated contestants were paired up with safe queens, and they performed stand-up comedy. Pink Chadora, Pitita, and Pakita came in the bottom three. After the final competition, Pink Chadora and Pakita were eliminated as a result of double elimination. 

Drag Race Espana Season 3 Episode 8: Release Date

Episode 8 of Drag Race Espana season 3 is scheduled to release on Sunday, 4th June 2023, at 8:00 PM in Spain on ATRESplayer premium in Spain and at 2:00 PM ET on WOW Presents Plus in the US.

  • British Time Zone: 4th June 2023, Sunday, 06:00 PM GMT
  • Pacific Time Zone: 4th June 2023, Sunday, 11:00 AM PT
  • Eastern Time Zone: 4th June 2023, Sunday, 02:00 PM ET
  • Australian Time Zone: 5th June 2023, Monday, 05:00 AM AEDT
  • Central Time Zone: 4th June 2023, Sunday, 01:00 PM CT
  • Indian Time Zone: 4th June 2023, Sunday, 11:30 PM IST
  • Philippines Time Zone: 4th June 2023, Sunday, 02:00 AM PHT
  • German Time Zone: 4th June 2023, Sunday, 08:00 PM GMT+2
  • Pakistan Time Zone: 4th June 2023, Sunday, 11:00 PM PKST

Drag Race Espana Season 3 Episode 8: Streaming Guide

Each new episode of Drag Race Espana releases every Sunday on ATRESplayer premium in Spain. So if you have access to the mentioned TV channel, then you can enjoy episode 8 of Drag Race Espana directly on the TV. However, if you are an international fan, then we suggest you get a subscription to Wow Presents Plus which will cost you around 4.17 USD per month to enjoy all the latest episodes of Drag Race Espana on time.

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