Dr. Player Chapter 42 was quite satisfying to read as Raymond mercilessly crushes Baron Carlton’s attempts to undermine him because of his lack of innate healing power. Raymond, who had been born with F-Rank abilities for healing, had studied a lot to compensate for his lack of healing power, but after awakening as a Player, Raymond has become unparalleled in knowledge and skills. After getting recognition by even the King, Baron Carlton probably felt extremely jealous of Raymond’s accomplishment.

Baron Carlton deviously comes up with a plan to disgrace and fail Raymond in an attempt to shake his newfound fame and recognition. Raymond realizes that the test has been set in an attempt to deliberately fail him, but thankfully, Raymond comes up with a plan to pave his way through the obstacle. Everyone is extremely surprised that Raymond’s ranking, which is determined at birth, has actually increased. Baron Carlton is still not satisfied and comes up with a twisted plan which just endangers his life.

Dr. Player is a charming and satisfying manhwa which is a beautiful art style appealing to all demographics. The story about rising from ashes is satisfying and makes everyone giddy. If you have been looking for updates about the upcoming chapter of Dr. Player, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will talk about the release date of Dr. Player Chapter 43, recap what has happened in the story previously, and tell our readers where they can read the manhwa. Stay with us till the end to know more!

Dr. Player Chapter 43 release date spoilers recap
Dr. Player [Credits: Kakao Page]

Dr. Player is a drama fantasy set in a fictional world resembling the medieval period. The story is about a young boy Raymond was ridiculed and ostracized for being the illegitimate son of the King by the Nobles. Tired of the constant jabs and bullying, Raymond runs away and works hard to become a healer, but even then, he is bullied for being an F-Rank Healer. Things were looking bleak when a miracle happened, and a screen popped up telling him that he had awakened as a Player and gained modern medical knowledge!

Dr. Player: Chapter 42 Recap

In the previous chapter of Dr. Player, Baron Carlton is set on failing Raymond and comes up with a malicious plan to throw him off and fail him. Baron Carlton asks the students to take a new test to determine their healing ability’s Rank, and anyone with an F-Rank will be failed. Raymond, who is an F-Rank healer, is bound to fail, but Raymond appears quite confident in front of his peers. When the time for his Rank to be determined arrives, Baron Carlton is shocked that Raymond is C-Rank now.

Dr. Player Chapter 43 release date spoilers recap
Dr. Player [Credits: Kakao Page]

No one had heard of someone’s healing Rank increasing with the effort since it is something a person is born with. Raymond’s friend wistfully looks at him, wondering if he can improve his Rank too. In reality, Raymond had unlocked his mana vein and pumped mana to the upper core, which made his readings come out as C-Rank. Baron Carlton is furious, and everyone moves on to the next phase of the exam, which is a written test. Raymond is confident about acing the written exam, which aggravates Baron Carlton even more.

As expected, Raymond achieves great scores in his exams and is awarded a certificate of merit for his excellent performance and unyielding efforts. Baron Carlton racks his brain to set a trap to make Raymond fail and gets the idea to create a wound that Raymond cannot heal. Baron Carlton reveals the last exam and brings out a huge Ogre, saying that the Ogre has been strapped down and is harmless. Baron Carlton takes out a dagger to wound the Ogre and tells Raymond that he is up first, but the Ogre suddenly wakes up.

Dr. Player Chapter 43 release date spoilers recap
Dr. Player [Credits: Kakao Page]

Dr. Player: Chapter 43 Release Date

Dr. Player Chapter 43 is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, 30 May 2023, at midnight KST.

  • India (IST): 8:30 PM on Monday, 29 May 2023
  • Japan (JST): 12:00 AM on Tuesday, 30 May 2023
  • Korea (KST): 12:00 AM on Tuesday, 30 May 2023
  • USA (EST): 10:00 AM on Monday, 29 May 2023
  • UK (GMT): 3:00 PM on Monday, 29 May 2023
  • Philippines (PHT): 11:00 PM on Monday, 29 May 2023
  • Australia (AEST): 1:00 AM on Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Dr. Player: Where to Read

Dr. Player is available to read on Kakao Page’s official website and app. No official English translations have been released yet.

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