Dodgebow: A Must-Try Sport

DodgeBow is like combat archery with a little twist. The sport’s origin is Queensland, Australia. The sport can be played with 80 players or more.

Have you ever found archery boring? Or you just sucked at the game? Let’s be honest; real archery requires skill and patience. Having the perfect grip, practicing hundred hours just to hit a red dot.

Dodgebow is for you if you found archery interesting but wanted something less precarious and easy.

This post is to inform you all about dodgebow and how it works. If that’s something that interests you, stick around.

Key Takeaways:

  • DodgeBow Was First Introduced to Australia by Three Friends
  • DodgeBow is Similar to Combat Archery, Paintball, and Dodgeball
  • The Sport has Several Game Modes
  • Players Can Arrange Private Events
  • The Fields are Kid-Friendly

What is DodgeBow?

In easy words, the dodgebow takes the idea of archery and makes it less serious. With the playing versions available that you are familiar with. Unless you have been living under a rock. Dodgebow has five main game modes available as of now:

  • Team Deathmatch (TDM)
  • Battle Royal
  • Capture the Flag
  • Demolition
  • Plant the Bomb
  • Bullseye
  • Mandown

There are other game modes available, which come as special events. If you have played Call of Duty or any first-person shooter (FPS) games of recent times, you already know how the game modes work.

Basically, DodgeBow is a combat archery with foams attached to arrows. It is also similar to paintball’s concept. The bows are not scary looking, and the arrows have soft sponges attached so that you don’t hurt the person you’re shooting at.

How was DodgeBow Invented?

DodgeBow was invented by three friends while on a road trip in 2015. Adam Martelli, Scott Mcdonach, and Cyril Broulliard played dodgebow on a journey and couldn’t get it out of their heads. With a growing passion and love for the sport, three of them planned and worked day and night to make dodgebow available for everyone.

Adam, the DodgeBow co-founder, said he first brought it to Montreal to see if people were interested in playing the game. Spoiler alert: people loved it. So much so that DodgeBow is in multiple countries now.

After being asked what DodgeBow is exactly, Adam said it’s the mixture of paintball and dodgeball. Except the balls are arrows.

Starting from Queensland, the sport is now playable in the United States and Canada, and the team is working continuously to introduce the game globally. DodgeBow now has 30 locations in different countries.

DodgeBow was inspired by the Hunger Games as well. I mean, come on, we all wanted to shoot like Katniss Everdeen.

DodgeBow is safe as the tips of the arrows are covered with cushions. So you can’t get hurt with it. The bows weigh only 15 pounds, making them easy to carry for everyone.

Children from the age of 10+ years can play the game. However, a parent or guardian must be present.

How Do You Play DodgeBow?

DodgeBow is easy to play. Adam and his friends wanted something fun and easy that anyone could play. You’ll be fine even if you don’t have archery or paintball experience.

As mentioned earlier, DodgeBow has different game modes, and special events also happen. You have both public and private events.

1. Team Deathmatch

Team deathmatch or TDM is where two teams fight each other. They have a fixed score, and the first team to reach the score wins. Sounds familiar? We know.

In DodgeBow, the twist is once you are hit with an arrow, there’s no respawning. The first team to eliminate the opposing team wins.

2. Battle Royal

On battle royal, 80 players, more or less, play in a vast field. There’s no team here. Man vs. man. The last person to survive wins.

3. Capture the Flag

Six flags are kept in different places on the field in this game mode. To win, the team has to capture and carry the opposing team’s flags to their own bases. The team who captures the most flags, if not all, wins.

4. Demolition

You can conquer demolition in two ways; eliminating all the enemies or exploding the bombs of the opposing team.

This game mode is very engaging and fun. Because you might be thinking about eliminating all your enemies while the opposing team might be throwing bombs at your side. There will be a five-second countdown after the bombs are thrown; if the bombs are on your side after the countdown is over, you lose. And vice-versa.

5. Plant the Bomb

Plant the bomb is simple; you go to the selected area and plant the bomb. If the opposing team fails to diffuse the bomb, you win. If they succeed, you lose.

You can also win plant the bomb by eliminating all the opposing team players. Which will be more challenging.

6. Bullseye

This is a DodgeBow classic. You get selected players, and how it works is to eliminate the players from the opposing team. With each player down, you can revive or bring back your teammate.

However, if you downed four enemies, the last man standing can bring back all their teammates. So, be careful who you shoot.

7. Mandown

Mandown is our favorite from the list. It’s like a team deathmatch, but you get another chance (or do you?)

If you have been shot, you have ten seconds to kneel down and call for a medic. If you fail to get help, you’re out of the game. Mandown is also known as Elite Mandown in the DodgeBow world and is by far one of the most thrilling game modes available.

Nevertheless, all the game modes are easy to play, and with proper instructions, you’ll be a DodgeBow pro in no time.

How Much Do DodgeBow Tickets Cost?

We are leaving all the details for another day. Check out the table below for DodgeBow ticket prices, individual or multiple, in different countries.

Amount of PeopleUnited States (USA)CanadaAustralia
Individual$24.95CAD 24.95$$30 AUSD
Group up to 5$99CAD 99$$99 AUSD
Group up to 10UnspecifiedCAD 188$$225 AUSD

Note that the prices vary from time to time and depending on the occasion and number of people. As DodgeBow is international, the prices will be different in some countries. We recommend checking the official website for transparent pricing.

Keep in mind that all DodgeBow playgrounds are child safe. If you want to bring a child under the age of ten years, you can host a private party for them.

Tip: If you’re running late to a game, don’t worry. They will sign you in regardless. However, you won’t get the time you missed back.

You can also send DodgeBow tickets as gifts and host private games.


Can You Bring Your Bow in DodgeBow?

Unfortunately, you can’t bring your own bow.

Bows that have been approved by the company itself are allowed only. DodgeBow only allows one specific kind of bow. That’s why other types of bows are not allowed.

However, if you purchase their bow, you can bring it to your next game. But it has to be approved first by the officials.

Do You Have to be Experienced for DodgeBow?

No, Dodgebow requires minimum effort. You don’t have to be experienced for it.

Just learn the basic rules of the game, follow the instructions, and you’ll get the hang of it quickly. Besides, they will teach you the basics of DodgeBow with bows and arrows before you go to a game.

What Should You Wear for DodgeBow?

You can wear any attire you like. But wearing sports style clothing is best as you will move a lot.

DodgeBow also recommends groin protection, you know, just in case. Keep a bottle of water in hand, as there are very short breaks during the games. You will have little time to be hydrated.

What is the Minimum Amount of People You Need for DodgeBow?

You need at least four people for a game of DodgeBow.

This way, there will be two people on each team. We recommend going in a ten people group, this way the balancing would be perfect and the games will be more fun.

What is the Maximum Amount of People You Need for DodgeBow?

According to DodgeBow’s official website, there could be 80 people max on each game. You can always book a private event if you want to take more than eighty people at once.

Does DodgeBow have Paint Involved?

It is a mixture of paintball and dodgeball, but no paint is involved. So you don’t have t worry about your clothes getting Paint on them.

What is the Minimum Age Requirement?

DodgeBow recommends an age of at least 10+ years to play the sport. So, the minimum age is ten years.

Players below the age of 18 must have a guardian present.

Final Thoughts

DodgeBow can be enjoyed by everyone who is into combat training. It’s safe and fun for all, with over seven game modes. It started with a dream with three friends and is now becoming a worldwide sensation.

If you are still confused about what DodgeBow is, it’s basically the child of dodgeball and paintball. A sport filled with thrill and angst. You can choose fields and have private events within an affordable price range.

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