Disc Golf All About This Unique Sports

Anyone looking to teach, share, and enjoy a lifetime sport will find the ideal solution in disc golf?

Disc golf is a cheap, healthy, and enjoyable recreational activity that offers both upper and lower-body fitness, exercise, and mental stimulation. Mastering shots and negotiating challenges can improve concentration.

We’d love to help you begin and let your entire family enjoy the course by giving you disc golf’s basics. What is disc golf, and why should you play it? How to play, what equipment to use, and how to throw disc golf.

What is Disc Golf?

Disc golf was started in the USA in the late 1960s.In the next few years, it spread to other countries. The concept is very similar to “ball” golf, except that the disc is thrown at a target metal rather than hitting a ball into a hole. You want to get the “golf disk” from the tee as quickly as possible to the basket.

Instead of using a golf club and a ball to cross the hole, disc golfers use a floating golf disc. The hole begins with a teeing area. Once the disc lands in the “hole,” it is complete. Although disc golf can only be played with one disc, disc golf can fly with different characteristics. Different discs can be used for different purposes. They can be used to hook around obstacles, roll on the ground or fly over trees.

Disc golf is a unique way to connect with the natural world and experience the countryside. It’s inexpensive, fun, and extremely environmentally friendly.

A Brief History Of The Sport

Although disc golf is still a relatively new sport in Australia, it’s not unknown to the rest. It’s been around since the dawn of the 20th century.

  • 1927. Bladworth, Saskatchewan, was the first place where disc golf was played. Four elementary school friends played disc golf together. They threw in lids around a 4-foot circle that was drawn onto sandy areas on the school grounds.
  • 1960s. It is still a matter of debate who invents modern disc golf as it exists today. It is believed that disc golf was invented by multiple individuals who played independently in the 1960s.
  • 1970s. American toy inventor Ed Headrick is the father of modern-day disc golf and frisbee. After redesigning the flying disc that is known as a frisbee, he turned his attention to a new passion: disc golf, which he invented and trademarked.
  • 1980s. Ed Headrick was a pioneer in the development of disc golf. He organized the ‘$50,000 Disc Golf Tournament,’ which attracted people from all parts of the globe to play.
  • 1990s. To keep the competition fair and competitive, handicaps and player ratings were introduced for the first time. It was tested at the 1998 PDGA Disc Golf World Championships and proved to be successful.
  • 2000s. Disc golf’s popularity has increased in the first ten years of the new millennium. The number of disc golfers who register with the PDGA has increased year after year for over 20 years.
  • Present. Disc golf is gaining more media attention. Nowadays, disc golf is becoming more popular.

Disc Golf Equipment

Disc types

Golf discs are smaller and heavier today than traditional flying discs. They measure approximately 8 to 9 inches in diameter and weigh 150 to 180 grams.

Disc golf discs can be used for speed, control, accuracy, and precision. Flying disks for general purposes, such as playing guts or ultimate, have a traditional shape similar to a catch. There are many discs that can be used for disc golf. They can be divided into drivers, putters, and all-purpose midrange discs.


The putters look similar to the simple catch discs like the Wham-o Frisbee. They fly straight and predictably.

They are usually used to make tight, controlled shots close to the basket. However, some players may use them for shorter drives when trees or other obstacles are present. A pro usually carries between 1 and 7 putters, depending on their flight characteristics.


The mid-range discs are slightly sharpened than the drivers, which allows them to cut through the air better. These discs are more stable than drivers and have a more predictable and stable flight path.

Some players can use mid-range discs as drivers, but there are also tournaments where players must use only mid-range discs. These discs are great for beginners and can be used as general-purpose discs.


Drivers are often identified by their sharp edges and beveled edges. Different categories are used to classify drivers. Innova Discs has two types of drivers: Distance Drivers and fairway drivers. A fairway driver is somewhere in between a distance driver and a mid-range driver.

Discraft categorizes its drivers into three categories: Extra Long Drivers (Long Drivers), Long Drivers (Maximum Distance Drivers), and Long Drivers (Extra Long Drivers).

New players will find it difficult to throw a distance driver accurately due to the physics of discs. This is because disc golf response can be quite slow. It is best to start with shorter drivers or mid-range drivers. As players get stronger and more confident, they can then add longer drivers.


The disc’s stability rating varies depending on which manufacturer it is. Innova Discs rates stability as “turn” using a scale from +1 to -4. +1 is the most stable, and -4 is the least stable.

All Disc Golf World Champions (2005-2022): MPO/Open

YearWinnerWin MarginHost CityRounds PlayedTop PrizePrize Inflation AdjustedSecond Place
2022Paul McBethPlayoffEmporia, Kansas5$20,000Aaron Gossage
2021James ConradPlayoffOgden, Utah5$16,500$17,993Paul McBeth
2020N/A. Canceled due to the pandemic.
2019Paul McBeth1Peoria, Illinois5$10,000$11,567Ricky Wysocki
2018Gregg Barsby2Jeffersonville, Vermont5$10,000$11,750Paul McBeth, Josh Anthon
2017Ricky Wysocki8Augusta, Georgia4$12,000$14,405Paul McBeth
2016Ricky Wysocki6Emporia, Kansas5.5$10,000$12,293Paul McBeth
2015Paul McBeth9Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania6.5$6,000$7,459Ricky Wysocki
2014Paul McBethPlayoffPortland, Oregon7.5$5,000$6,228Ricky Wysocki
2013Paul McBeth5Crown Point, Indiana7.5$5,000$6,334David Feldberg
2012Paul McBeth5Charlotte, North Carolina7.5$5,500$7,113Ricky Wysocki
2011Nate Doss7Santa Cruz, California5.5$7,000$9,180Will Schusterick, Josh Anthon
2010Eric McCabe5Crown Point, Indiana7.5$5,500$7,464David Feldberg, Paul Ulibarri, Josh Anthon
2009Avery JenkinsPlayoffKansas City, Missouri7.5$5,500$7,567Josh Anthon
2008David Feldberg14Kalamazoo / Battle Creek, Michigan8.5$6,000$8,082Nate Doss
2007Nate Doss1Highbridge, Wisconsin7.5$5,500$7,837Markus Källström
2006Ken Climo5Augusta, Georgia7.5$5,500$7,992Nate Doss
2005Nate Doss3Allentown, Pennsylvania8.5$5,000$7,543Matt Orum, Barry Schultz

How to Play Disc Golf

It’s important to understand the rules of disc golf before you can learn how to play. We’ll go over some basic rules you will see regardless of where you play. You must follow all rules that apply to your place of play or the tournament or game in which you are participating.


Disc golf is similar to traditional golf. Each attempt to reach the hole or get in it requires a stroke. Penalties will increase your stroke count. One stroke is added to your stroke count each time you throw a disc. The goal is to reach the hole as quickly as possible.

Unplayable Lie

Sometimes the lie becomes impossible to play because your disc is stuck in a large tree or bush. It happens quite often in some courses. Throwing from the closest lie possible is the best option if you have a disc stuck or can’t throw the lie. This could simply be a matter of throwing the disc from under a branch of a disc-grabbing tree.


A dogleg is a tree or pole that runs along the fairway and must be passed. It should be marked on the course with arrows. Doglegs are used to force you to move along the course in a certain way, such as an S-shape. You’re not allowed to throw directly at the end holes.

When throwing, your foot should be closest to the dogleg. This can make it more difficult for some courses.


You are not permitted to throw in or out of certain areas. These are called out-of-bounds (OB). If your disc is OB, you must move your lie three feet from the point where it was OB. Another stroke will be required to increase your score. Hazards such as public roads and water features are generally OB.

Play Nice

You won’t need any rules or decorum in most cases, but it is best to have fun and be respectful. This is similar to regular golf, where non-throwers are expected to remain silent and not move while others throw.

It is smart and safe to stay with the thrower until they are done throwing. You can make sure that your course is enjoyable every time you go.

Disc Golf Game Variations

Disc Golf is played in stroke play. Players count each shot, and the lowest score wins. You can also try these other formats:

Matchplay – Play with another player to see who can get the lowest score for each hole. Each hole can be won or lost, or both. The participant who has won the most holes is declared the round’s victor. Matchplay encourages players not to lay up but to take longer shots.

Mulligan Matchplay – A mulligan refers to a throw that has been deleted. It is the opposite of “let’s ignore this throw, let’s try again .”Matchplay is balanced by giving an opponent a few mulligans. Rules allow for one mulligan per hole. It must be played within 30 seconds after the last throw, and without waiting to see what the next shot will be.

Doubles – Can be played in pairs, matchplay, or stroke play. The pair picks the best result for the next shot. You can modify this (‘Modified Best shot’) by allowing one player to tee off twice consecutively so that you don’t rely on the better player.

Both players must continue throwing from the chosen shot until they are out of bounds. This game is great for quick play and scoring good scores. For match play, there’s also “Worst Shot doubles,” where the opposing player chooses the best drive among the two players.

Physical Health Benefits of Playing Disc Golf

Great Full Body Exercises

Disc golf allows you to do a wide range of activities. You will know that disc golf involves a lot of walking if you’ve played it before. Disc golfers walk an average of one to two miles each round. This is a great way to strengthen their lower and upper body muscles.

Weight Loss

Disc golf can be a great way of losing weight. Playing disc golf will result in a significant drop in calories. The best thing about disc golf is that you don’t have to play it every day to lose weight.

Mood and Energy Boost

Your mood will improve if you exercise more. It’s that easy. Lifting weights or playing contact sports is unnecessary to get your workout in. Playing disc golf 3-4 times per week can help you boost your mood and other functions.

Exercise increases serotonin, which directly affects your mood. Disc golf could be a great way to get fitter and more energetic.

Improves Heart Health

Many people often overlook heart health. It’s amazing to see how much damage one could do to their heart by not exercising and eating healthy foods. Disc golf is the most effective exercise for improving cardiovascular endurance.

Mental Health Benefits of Playing Disc Golf

Get closer to nature.

The best thing about disc golf is the connection it offers to nature. This sport is especially appealing to those who live in cities. People living in urban areas are becoming more disconnected from nature every day. You will feel more peaceful the closer you are to nature.

A great way to relieve stress

Contrary to what many people think, there is a lot of movement in disc golf. Playing for just a few minutes can pump your heart and allow oxygen to reach your brain. This exercise will also help you to remember things and improve your thinking. Even if you have a stressful job and only play this sport for an hour per day, it will improve your mood and relieve stress.

Encourages self-confidence

Self-confidence is a great life skill. It is about having confidence in oneself and trusting in your abilities, judgments, and quality. This skill can lead to a lot of success. You won’t believe it, but disc golf and any other sport can increase your self-confidence in many ways. You will feel more confident as you progress with each day. This will help you to relax and improve your mood.

Top 5 Disc Golf beginner tips

1. Learn basic technique

You can advance as a disc golfer by learning the basics and acquiring the essential elements of your game. A proper technique is one that minimizes unnecessary movements. This will directly impact the throw’s power, extension, and speed.

The disc-golf throwing motion is an athletic move. You need to be able to balance, align your stance, and maintain proper posture. To throw the disc, you use your whole body and not just your arm. You should use a technique that yields positive results.

Begin with a standing throw, then move on to a full run-up. Straighten your reach by extending your arm straight and pushing the elbow forward. Next, extend the arm through the middle of the body, driving the elbow. Finally, accelerate the release.

2. Disc release – flat and low

Keep the disc flat and low. As a disc golf instructor, the most common error I have seen is when players swoop their arms low and release the disc at an up angle. The disc will go nose-up and stall out. It will then return to the ground at an extreme angle with no forward distance.

You don’t have to worry about this. Every player who picks up a disc has experienced it at one point or another. When we start throwing, it happens to everyone. You’ll notice an improvement by breaking this bad habit.

Keep the disc at the same level as the ground throughout the throwing motion, including the pull-through, reach-back extension, and eventual disc release.

3. Develop a practice route

You should not have any expectations when you first start disc golf. Instead, just play casually. After the addiction kicks up and your competitive impulses begin flowing, you’ll realize that you’d like to become better at being a disc golfer. Even if you only play a few rounds per week, learning the basics will help you make progress.

You should be patient and learn as much as possible. It’s rewarding to watch the progress as execution matches expectations. Sometimes disc golf can seem overwhelming. If you are feeling frustrated by your game, get back to basics and create a practice routine.

4. Play with better partners

Playing with more experienced players is the best way to improve your game. It’s great to compare your game to others who have played longer or are more experienced.

5. Start with just a few discs

It’s always a good idea to have the right equipment. It’s crucial to choose the most suitable discs for your throwing style and arm speed, especially when you first start out. While you are allowed to have as many discs in your bag as you like, you won’t need as many to start learning. To learn the basics, you should only use a small number of discs.

How to Throw Disc Golf’s Basic Throw?

1. Place your four fingers underneath the disc. Next, place your thumb at the edge of the disc. You can hold it tightly and grip it tight to release it easily. Place your four fingers on the disc’s underside. Press your thumb on the top of the disc.

2. The majority of throws require three steps to complete. You release the final step. Start and end with your dominant foot. To ensure the most accuracy, align your shoulders with the basket at the end. Make sure that each step is smooth and even. The next three elements are performed during this three-step motion. These three steps are the core of the disc golf technique.

3. Lift the disc up to your chest. As you raise the disc in this manner, your body will naturally turn as you curve it into your chest. As you do this turn, your body will naturally pull away from the basket. You’ll need to pay attention to where your disc is raised. This will help you to learn how to throw disc golf discs.

4. Point your next foot perpendicularly to the basket. This will help you aim and continue rotating your body toward the basket. Your back should be curved, with your shoulders and hips moving forward. The disc should then be brought behind you. This will increase your throw power by moving your legs and back. You should end this step by placing the disc behind your back and turning your body away from the basket.

5. The final step is to move your weight towards the dominant foot. You will naturally move your hips and back towards your dominant foot and the basket. Keep your disc in your hand and extend your arm towards your side. The disc should be at your shoulder height. You want it to move straight and in a straight line. Finally, you will need to release it from your body.

Who Plays Disc Golf?

Disc golf is one of the few sports that can be played for a lifetime. You can play it at any age, from childhood to old age. This makes disc golf one of the most popular lifetime sports.

Disc golf is an affordable sport, with discs starting at $8 and $20, most courses being free, making it an inclusive game. It can also be addictive. Many have fallen for the disc golf bug. Disc golf can be enjoyed outdoors by anyone.

Where Can I play?

Disc golf can be played in most Australian places. There are many courses that are available in public parks throughout the country. However, there are some private courses, often on existing courses, where you will need to pay a fee.

Players who are interested in a game, but not near a course, may agree to play at local parks.


Do you get an idea about the most important tip for disc golf beginners? You must never forget it as long as you enjoy this amazing game. The best fun wins. Have fun, no matter what. You should have fun whether you are out with friends, playing on the field, or practicing on the course.

Relax. Enjoy yourself. When you make a good shot, celebrate. Most people already have enough stress in life, so don’t add disc golf to your list. Enjoy the great outdoors, the stunning scenery, and the joy of playing disc golf!

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