Did Mads Lewis get a boob job? Are her boobs fake? There’s no need to ask if the TikTok star has had breast implants again because she has confirmed it. Mads Lewis admitted to getting a boob job in a recent TikTok video. She has also opened up about having other plastic surgery procedures such as a nose job, lip fillers, and cheek fillers.

Mads Lewis‘ life might seem picture-perfect to her millions of followers but don’t be fooled because she’s an influencer and it’s her job to show the best of everything. The ugly sides are mostly kept hidden. One of the ugly things about being an influencer (and an actress) is the pressure to look a certain way and by a certain way, I mean the Instagram trendy look. Smooth face, plump lips, thin nose, big boobs, and big butt.

Mads Lewis seems to have it all but none of it is natural. She got plastic surgery to modify herself and fit into the current beauty standards. How can we be so sure? She herself opened up about it. She has shared that she has had a nose job, lip fillers, and cheek fillers. And her latest revelation was about her boob job. A lot of her followers were wondering if she had breast implants because they looked so perfect they seemed unreal (fake). As it turned out, her boobs are fake.

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Mads Lewis’ Boob Job: Has The TikTok Star Gotten Breast Implants? Are Her Boobs Fake?

Did Mads Lewis (@madslewis) get a boob job? Did she get breast implants to enhance her breasts? Well, yes, she did. Everyone knows about that because the TikTok star herself revealed that she had plastic surgery to make her chest bigger in a recent TikTok video. Besides that, she has also opened up about having a nose job, lip fillers, and cheek fillers.

Mads Lewis confirmed having a boob job in a recent TikTok Live. houseandwhips.com
Mads Lewis confirmed having a boob job in a recent TikTok Live.
Image Source: Distractify

A few weeks ago, Mads Lewis unexpectedly dropped the truth about her getting a boob job in her TikTok Live. It should not have been so surprising because she had already opened up about getting plastic surgery on her face. But when speculations of her getting breast implants had gotten intense and she did not respond to them for a long time, her followers thought that she might be natural after all or that she was not going to talk about cosmetic surgery again.

Looking at her pictures in cleavage-baring outfits and revealing tops, Mads Lewis’ fans had begun to think that her boobs looked unnatural and some even claimed to have spotted the outline of breast implants. In some of the images, her breasts really looked too plastic. So, they speculated that she had a boob job and many even asked her in the comments about it, hoping that she, out of all people, would not hesitate to be real about her fake breasts.

Well, Mads Lewis has now spoken. She has revealed that she has had a boob job. As she opened up about getting breast implants to look more busty while on TikTok live, she grabbed the attention of her fans who showered her with praises and compliments for being so honest and transparent about plastic surgery. They showed support for her about her decision to get cosmetic surgery.

Mads Lewis mentioned that she was willing to share her experience of getting a boob job. houseandwhips.com
Mads Lewis mentioned that she was willing to share her experience of getting a boob job.
Image Source: Instagram

However, some remained unimpressed and one person even said that Mads Lewis must have wanted some clout because this revelation of her having a boob job is not new and she has already talked about it before. There was one TikTok video of hers where she casually mentioned having breast implants but it was not as candid as it is now.

In the previous TikTok video, Mads Lewis was playing a game of “I’m passing the phone to someone,” where each person says something they know about the other person before they pass the phone to that person. As the phone was passed around in circles, right before it was passed to her by Bryce Hall, he makes the statement about her, “I’m passing the phone to Mads because she has fake boobs.” As she takes the ball, she confirms his statement saying, “Yes, I have fake boobs.”

That video caused quite a stir among her followers at the time because it was basically a confirmation of the boob job that they had been suspecting for a long time. But, as it is, Mads Lewis only confirmed having breast implants and did not open up much about her experience. In her recent TikTok Live, she said that she was willing to share more about her experience with her followers. So, she deserves appreciation for choosing to speak about her plastic surgery even though she has confirmed it before.


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