Following a string of incidents, including PSG suspending him for two weeks, Lionel Messi has issued an apology with many claiming he had no pants on in his video

Finally, Lionel Messi has apologized to PSG for his unapproved vacation to Saudi Arabia. Messi has, at last, addressed the matter in response to PSG’s decision and a very visible protest organised by PSG supporters. However, a peculiar feature in Lionel Messi’s apologetic video has been brought up by football enthusiasts.

Did Lionel Messi record the PSG apology video without any pants on with his coat

Lionel Messi recently released an apology video in which he explained his motivation for travelling to Saudi Arabia. “Honestly, I thought we’d have a day off after the game, as had been the case in previous weeks,” said Messi. “I had previously cancelled this trip to Arabia, therefore I was unable to change it now.”

Did Messi put his pants on while recording?

It was difficult to miss the fact that the video only featured Messi’s bust. Football enthusiasts have begun to speculate as to whether Messi shot the video while not wearing trousers. The PSG star’s lower torso was hidden by his coat, which he was wearing. Fans’ comments to this have been humorous, with one saying, “I’m 100% sure he is wearing boxers under.”

Lionel Messi’s future at PSG is currently in jeopardy. Messi’s decision to leave PSG in the upcoming transfer window has already been publicised. Although Messi’s final destination is unknown, fans believe he will go to FC Barcelona once again. Lionel Messi might play for his old team again the following season if the Spanish team is successful in overcoming its financial fair play restrictions.

The PSG coach was not informed of Lionel Messi’s suspension.

After much delay, PSG head coach Christophe Galtier has addressed the contentious decision by the team to suspend Lionel Messi. ESPN claims that PSG informed Galtier of its intention to suspend Messi without seeking his input. “I was informed by the board at the beginning of the week of the decision to suspend Messi,” Galtier claimed. So, he had an obligation to remain silent after being informed.

Galtier, along with Messi and Neymar, is being criticised for PSG’s subpar performances. The former Lille manager was unable to help the French team achieve its Champions League victory target. Galtier’s team is currently in first place in Ligue 1, but it probably won’t be enough to keep him as PSG’s coach for the upcoming campaign.



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