The mers of the Devil Returns To School Days have announced the release date of Chapter 12 as they said next installment of the series will be dropping out soon

If you’re not sure what happened in the last chapter of the series, let us me it clear, previous chapter of Devil Returns To School Days started with an apologetic bully.

The bully apologizes to Hungsung for his previous immaturity, admitting that his actions hurt his peers. To avoid expulsion, he accepts whatever punishment the Deliberation Committee has in store for him and requests Hungsung’s pardon.

Devil Returns To School Days chapter 12 release date, time, manga Reddit spoilers, les, where to read

Hungsung, on the other hand, recognizes that, while these bullies torment innocent schoolchildren, they are still young teenagers navigating the complexities of adolescent life. The bullies are victims of a chaotic life, and a sinister mastermind is at the root of it all.

Hungsung’s suspicions are confirmed when he learns that a helpless minor committed suicide after becoming unable to bear the torment. This unfortunate adolescent left a note containing vital information about a group called Golden Circle. The Golden Circle was a profitable business organization founded in Gangnam’s most prestigious schools.

The founder turned the plight of young students into a profitable business. He enlisted the help of bullies and brutes in the organization to abuse vulnerable teenagers. In exchange for money, the boss even offered protection to wealthy students with parents in high positions.

Chapter 12 Release Date

For those who are curious to know more about the release date of Chapter 12, let us tell you, upcoming installment of Devil Returns To School Days is scheduled to be out on Tuesday, May 9, 2023.

The international readers of the Absolute Sword Sense series will be able to read next chapter online as per their nation’s time-zone such as:

Singapore Standard Time: 1:00 AM

Philippines Standard Time: 1:00 AM

Korean Standard Time: 2:00 AM

Pacific Daylight Time: 10:00 AM

Central Daylight Time: noon

Eastern Daylight Time: 1:00 PM

British Summer Time: 6:00 PM

Indian Standard Time: 10:30 PM

Japanese Standard Time: 2:00 AM

Australian Eastern Standard Time: 3:00 AM

Where to Read

For those who are wondering where they can read next chapter of Devil Returns To School Days, let us remind you, Chapter 12 of the manga series will be available to read online on Comic Naver and Naver Series.

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