In a TikTok video, a fan girl gave the F1’s Drag Reduction System a spicy new twist by using the acronym to describe what she would unquestionably do to Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz with the video of Iesha Pirito viral

A stunning F1 fan girl gave the term “DRS” a mischievous new meaning and then appeared etatic about it. DRS stands for “Drag Reduction System,” which drivers can utilise to pass opponents on the track if they are less than one second behind them. But before this weekend’s Miami Grand Prix, OnlyFans sensation Iesha Pirito gave the acronym a whole new, steamier meaning.

Model and F1 fan girl Iesha Pirito gives new definition of DRS as she shows her love for Carlos Sainz

The stunning British blonde created a TikTok video while appearing irritated with the question, “What does DRS mean since I’m an F1 fan girl?” It didn’t te long, though, for the entire clip to change to Iesha performing a scantily clad dance on her bed, complete with the definition she gave for the phrase, “Me knowing I’ll definitely r*de Sainz.” It had the Spanish flag, Carlos Sainz’s own nation, and was a lewd allusion to the Ferrari driver.

What’s next?

Iesha’s statement might annoy Sainz’s girlfriend Isabel Hernaez. Although they have a private relationship, they have been together since 2017, and earlier this year, they were seen enjoying a romantic getaway in Mallorca. Sainz is getting ready to race in the Miami Grand Prix, which will te place on Sunday, May 6, after two days of practice on Friday and Saturday.

Iesha, meantime, has amassed 236,000 followers on TikTok, where she produces videos of herself chatting about a variety of sporting themes, but especially Formula 1. The 23-year-old shares photos of herself with her following of over 43,000 followers on Instagram, where her profile is just as hot.

Iesha isn’t the only person having fun on TikTok, though. The website has been used by Fernando Alonso to fan the flames of his claimed romance with Taylor Swift. Alonso’s most recent lewd behaviour saw him posting a video of himself working out at the gym as Taylor Swift’s hit song “22’s” was playing, with the remark, “I’m lifting 22’s.” However, it has now come to light that Swift might be dating the 1975’s, Matty Healy.



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