As June looms in, and the regular seasons of broadcast tv shows are coming to an end, all streaming services are embarking on releasing new content to catch viewers ahead of the summer season break and engage in the constant battle for attention from streaming users.

And Prime Video is no exception as the platform aims to drop many productions, and the upcoming Australian police procedural comedy Deadloch starring Kate Box and executively produced by Kate McCartney, Kate McLennan, and Tanya Phegan, aims to captivate viewers with a murder story as it is being solved by an unexperienced team of female police officers in a rather boring town in Tasmania. If you enjoyed shows like “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “Psych” but are looking for something with a regional twist, then Deadloch is something you should consider giving a try. 

Part police procedural and part comedy, Deadloch has a lot to offer (Credit: Prime Video)

Deadloch Preview

Deadloch is an upcoming Australian police procedural comedy tv series that will take us to a tiny town in Tasmania, a rather dull and boring village where bad things never happen until they do. This is a police procedural comedy that follows the investigative work of the rather inexperienced police force of the fictional town of Deadloch. This series will intertwine the cops-and-robbers drama with boisterous comedy, a long, tried-and-true formula that keeps audiences coming back for more and willing to explore more productions like it. 

When a dude ends up dead and washed ashore, it is up to two female police officers with little-to-no expertise handling murder cases to solve the crime. One is the senior sergeant Dulcie Collins (played by Kate Box), an uptight woman with often silly demeanors, and Senior investigator Eddie Redcliffe (played by Madeleine Sami) as they work with Abby (played by Nina Oyama), a junior constable whose peppy and eager mood often conflicts with the police work the two are trying to handle. As with most comedy police procedural shows that blend the gravity of law enforcement and the humor of comedic elements, you get a captivating balance allowing viewers to enjoy the thrill of solving a crime and the relief of laughter. 

Deadloch Official Trailer

Deadloch Episode 1 Release Date

Deadloch Episode 1 will land on Amazon Prime Video on 2 June 2023 at 22:00 hrs Eastern Time, United States. The series will consist of eight episodes of about one hour run time. Below, you’ll find the regional time release schedules for this upcoming Australian police comedy series.

  • Pacific US Time: 19:00 hrs
  • Australian Time:
    • Sydney Time: 12:00 hrs the next day (3 June 2023)
    • Melbourne Time: 12:00 hrs the next day (3 June 2023)
    • Brisbane Time: 11:00 hrs the next day (3 June 2023)
  • United Kingdom Time: 03:00 hrs the next day (3 June 2023)
  • Singapore Time: 10:00 hrs the next day (3 June 2023)
  • India Standard Time: 07:30 hrs the next day (3 June 2023)
  • Central Europe Standard Time: 04:00 hrs the next day (3 June 2023)
  • New Zealand Standard Time: 16:00 hrs the next day (3 June 2023)

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The police team will have to solve a crime and you’ll laugh while they do it! (Credit: Prime Video)

Deadloch Episode Guide

Deadloch is an eight-part Australian police comedy series slated for release on Prime Video in early June 2023. All episodes will release simultaneously on that platform, and below, you’ll find the episode guide.

  • Episode 1 “TBA” 2 June 2023
  • Episode 2 “TBA” 2 June 2023
  • Episode 3 “TBA” 2 June 2023
  • Episode 4 “TBA” 2 June 2023
  • Episode 5 “TBA” 2 June 2023
  • Episode 6 “TBA” 2 June 2023
  • Episode 7 “TBA” 2 June 2023
  • Episode 8 “TBA” 2 June 2023

Where To Watch Deadloch?

Deadloch is an Amazon Prime Video exclusive show, and it will only stream on that platform. Prime Video is a globally available streaming subscription service offered by retail giant Amazon. Furthermore, Prime Video offers thousands of hours of movies, series, documentaries, and original shows that cater to all ages and tastes. If you’re looking for a reliable and sustainable source of entertainment, then we suggest you consider Amazon Prime Video.

A subscription to this service costs $8,99 a month, but if you are a frequent buyer of Amazon’s goods and services, you can bundle it on top of Amazon Prime’s subscription package, which offers you lower shipping costs, early access and discounts to the vast services and goods that that retailer offers. 

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