David Alaba’s Wife: Is He Married To Shalimar Heppner? Family And Net Worth

Want to know more about one of Austria’s best-ever defenders? Read on to learn more about David Alaba’s wife, family, and net worth.

David Alaba is an Austrian professional football player who was born on June 24, 1992. He plays for Real Madrid and is the captain of the Austrian national team.

In 2009, he was only 17 years old when he played his first game for Austria’s senior national team. This made him the youngest player in the country’s history to do so. He has played many positions, such as center midfield, central defense, right counterattack, and left counterattack, but in recent years he has done best as a left-back.

He helped Bayern Munich win the UEFA Super Cup and earn a spot in the FIFA Club World Cup. After spending most of his career with Bayern and winning several awards with the German champions, he chose to re-sign with them.

Many people would probably like to know more about David Alaba’s wife, family, and net worth, so here are some facts about the Austrian footballer’s life away from the field.

Is David Alaba Married To Shalimar Heppner?

Yes, David Alaba married Shalimar Heppner. People know about David Alaba’s work achievements. Fans want to know if David Alaba is married or if he has a girlfriend. Shalimar Heppner is the woman to David Alaba married. See this part to find out more about David Alaba’s wife.

Shalimar Heppner is married to Real Madrid star David Alaba. Her father, Frank Heppner, is a well-known expert on Euro-Asian food. Shalimar is a public relations manager and a part-time model. In 2017, she met David Alaba for the first time.

But they didn’t tell anyone about their relationship until 2018 when they both went to Oktoberfest in Bavaria. Alaba, who is from Austria, was playing for Bayern Munich at the time.

The couple had their first child in 2019. The boy’s parents have never said what his name is, and the left-back has kept the baby’s identity a secret, except for a picture of him holding the baby and kissing his feet.

She has more than 30,000 people following her on Instagram, which has brought her a lot of attention.

David Alaba’s Family

David Alaba was born into a family with roots in many places. The father of David Alaba, George Alaba, is from Nigeria. His story is quite interesting. George Alaba was a soldier in the Austrian army, but he also moved from Nigeria to Austria and became a well-known and talented musician.

In 1988, George Alaba met Gina, who is now his wife. She was an immigrant, just like he was. She was born in the Philippines, but to become a nurse, she moved to Austria. George and Gina hit it off right away, and they ended up getting married. Together, they had a boy named David Alaba and a girl named Rose May Alaba, who was David’s younger sister. Rose May has done well as a singer, and she has also tried her hand at acting.

David and his sister Rose May have had a strong relationship their whole lives. Since they were little, George has always hoped that they would be very successful. So, he pushed them to get jobs when they were still young.

David Alaba’s Net Worth 2023

As we’ve already said, David Alaba’s fame has grown, so we can estimate how much money he has. David Alaba is thought to have a net worth of $25 million. Six years from now, in 2026, his deal with Real Madrid will be up. He makes an amazing $20.5 million a year.

David Alaba makes €375,000 every week and has a total net worth of $25 million. The total net worth of a football player changes over time based on how well he plays, how old he is, and how much he is worth on the market right now.

David Alaba’s football salary makes up most of his net worth. The rest comes from advertisements, promotional events, social media earnings, and other assets. He is one of the best-paid center-backs in the world, and he has helped his team win a number of titles with steady, good play.

In conclusion, David Alaba is a fantastic football player who has completed a number of achievements during his career. Many young football players look up to David Alaba, who will definitely continue to wow supporters in the years to come.

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