Daniel Peter Masterson is an American actor. He is best known as Steven Hyde in That ’70s Show (1998–2006), Milo Foster in Men at Work (2012–2014) and Jameson “Rooster” Bennett in The Ranch (2016–2018).

He was first a rifle company member before rising to the position of section leader in the Direct Fire Support Weapons Platoon.

Roberts-Smith deployed to East Timor twice with 3 RAR, the first time in 1999 as a member of the International Force East Timor. Masterson began working as a child model at the age of four, and by the time he was five, he had appeared in both magazine articles and television ads.

Masterson started performing at the age of eight and appeared in musicals. By the time he reached adolescence, his singing voice had “disappeared”. He had been in over 100 advertisements by the time he was 16, including those for Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, Hardee’s, Hostess, Tang, and Clearasil.

Early in the 1990s, Masterson appeared in Beethoven’s 2nd and played the lead role of Justin in Cybill. Masterson decided he wanted to move on after appearing in Cybill’s third and fourth seasons, so he went in for an audition for a program that was first called Teenage Wasteland but eventually renamed to That ’70s Show.

Debby Romano, the original casting director for That ’70s Show, initially opposed Masterson’s audition since he was a little older than the other actors in the cast, but she eventually gave in.

She claimed that “he came in and he was just so funny” and that he changed the direction that the part was taking by making Steven Hyde a “tough, funny guy.”

Masterson was the only remaining main or supporting cast member of That ’70s Show not asked back to the sequel series That ’90s Show due to the accusations and the ensuing trial, and his character of Steven Hyde was merely not referenced in the new series. Laura Prepon, his former co-star on That ’70s Show and a fellow Scientologist had already left the Church by the time of Masterson’s accusations.

Danny Masterson religion

Danny Masterson is a Scientologist. Scientology is a set of beliefs and practices invented by the American author L. Ron Hubbard and an associated movement. It has been variously defined as a cult, a business, or a new religious movement. Its adherents are called Scientologists. 

Danny Masterson ethnicity

Masterson was born on Long Island, New York. He grew up in Albertson, Garden City and East Williston, New York. Danny has one brother, Christopher Masterson. Christopher is an actor and disc jockey known for appearing on the Fox sitcom Malcolm in the Middle.

Danny Masterson nationality

Danny is an American who comes from Nassau County, New York, U.S.


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