Has Lola from EastEnders had a boob job? Many think it’s very obvious that Danielle Harold had breast implants because, in real life, she looks unnaturally busty for her slim frame. Besides, when the actress played Lola in EastEnders, she looked very thin, and her chest matched her body. But as Danielle Harold began to pose in revealing tops that accentuated her bust, her boob job became more noticeable because there’s no way her breasts would suddenly look so large if it weren’t for breast implants.

Danielle Harold rose to prominence when she was cast as Lola Pearce on the BBC soap opera EastEnders in 2011. Her character was introduced as the granddaughter of the long-running character Billy Mitchell, who is portrayed by Perry Fenwick. She departed the show in 2015 but she returned to reprise her role in 2019, and now that her character’s killed off in the show, she’s left the show again and forever. Since leaving the show, she has already bagged another role in another show.

But that’s not what people are talking about. Her followers are discussing her boob job. Because she looks really glam in real-life pictures and busty as well, many think she has had plastic surgery on her face and breast implants to enhance her breasts. Lola from EastEnders never looked like that, she said. Here’s everything to know about Danielle Harold’s boob job!

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Did Danielle Harold Get Breast Implants to Enhance Her Chest? Has Lola From EastEnders Had a Boob Job?

Danielle Harold (@danielle_harold), who is mostly known as Lola from EastEnders, is suspected of having plastic surgery to enhance her breasts. Every time she posts a glam picture of herself on Instagram, how unrecognizable she looks in real life comes up, and comes up her boob job as well because her breast implants, most fans would say, are way too obvious.

Danielle Harold -Lola from EastEnders- is suspected of having a boob job. houseandwhips.com
Danielle Harold -Lola from EastEnders- is suspected of having a boob job.
Image Source: Digital Spy

Danielle Harold might look very modest and simple when she is playing Lola Pearce in EastEnders. But that’s just her onscreen character. In real life, she couldn’t be more different from that. Off-screen, she looks completely unrecognizable. You would not be able to tell it was Lola Pearce if she came walking down the street. She’s not as modest in real life. She goes all out on her hair and makeup and takes on a whole new look, which has made people wonder if she has had plastic surgery to change her appearance.

Now, it might just be makeup and hair but it would not be very surprising if she had plastic surgery on her face because she has so obviously had a procedure done on her body. It might be reeling to think of Lola from EastEnders having a boob job but there is no Lola. She’s just a fictional character but Danielle Harold is a real person who seems unnaturally busty for her thin frame. She had to have breast implants.

Lola from EastEnders having a boob job and enhancing her breasts has become very obvious among her followers. The ones who follow her on social media are very aware that Danielle Harold very much likes to wear cleavage-baring outfits because she is often dressed in tight tops that are revealing and emphasize her breasts. You cannot miss them. And seeing that she didn’t use to look that huge in the chest area when she was playing Lola, people think she has had breast implants.

Danielle Harold looks very busty in real life which led people to think she had breast implants. houseandwhips.com
Danielle Harold looks very busty in real life which led people to think she had breast implants.
Image Source: Digital Spy

There’s been a lot of discussion about Danielle Harold’s boob job on social media among EastEnders viewers. While some are very sure that Lola Pearce has had breast implants, others are not so sure about that and argue that there’s a possibility that her much larger breasts could be natural and she could just be wearing padded and pushup bras. The ones who believe she has had plastic surgery to enhance her breasts counter them, saying that her breast implants look obvious and if you searched her name in Google, you can tell the difference from her before and after photos.

On a Reddit discussion thread about Danielle Harold’s boob job, one user said that it’s very noticeable that Lola from EastEnders had breast implants because of how slim she looked in the show and how busty she looks in real life.

She had a boob job a while ago. It’s really obvious with the wide shots in the show when her frame is so slim but her boobs are that massive lol.

While it may seem obvious to a lot of people, some people just don’t buy it that Danielle Harold had breast implants. The discussion always goes back and forth, whether or not Lola from EastEnders had a boob job. The actress herself has never acknowledged the rumors that she had a cosmetic procedure to enhance her breast and has chosen to remain silent about it. Either she is not bothered by the rumors or she doesn’t want to confirm the procedure if she has had one.

Danielle Harold is also believed to have plastic surgery on her face because her face looks too smooth giving her the appearance of a Barbie doll. But she has not responded to those speculations either.


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